Play the Game and Win:

The Alpha Female and the Alpha Male know that the surest way to kill attraction (or fail to ignite it) is by displaying a lack of confidence. Even if you are not naturally confident, you can fake it until you make it.

ACT as IF. Meaning, even if you don’t think you have something, or if you want to become something, then act like you are what you want to be. No one can tell the difference because your dominant thoughts and actions define your reality… and others see YOU how you see you.

If you believe you are low status, unworthy, unlucky, too this or too that… that’s exactly what people will perceive. Yet if you want to be lovable, lucky, worthy, happy, confident… just act like it… and that you will become.

Sure this may sound harsh, but it’s the reality Alpha females will hook up with Alpha males… Beta females will pair with Beta males. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, because people are different and have different tastes/opinions, etc… but if you wanna to find the best possible match for you… be it first, and only then you will attract the best.

Why do women go for the proverbial bad boy?
He’s confident… a break from Mr. Nice Guy. He could have no job, no money, no prospects, no teeth… be ignorant, abusive, abrasive, whatever… but none of that matters because he believes that he is a catch. The more he shows security within himself, the more attractive he is. Period. Luckily, there are some “bad boys” out there who are polite, good-looking, high status, etc… and only need the ‘right girl.  Nonetheless, my friends, confidence is key.

Want examples? Here goes:

ALPHA FEMALE: Never puts another woman down behind her back. She only acknowledges other women in nice ways.
Beta Female:
Calls other women “bitches” and “sluts” and compares herself to others which backfires and makes the ‘others’ look more attractive.

ALPHA MALE: Waits to let a woman know he digs her and assumes that she likes him because she makes time for him.
Beta Male:
Buys inappropriate gifts, calls/texts every day, shows that he’s grateful to have the chance to be with her

ALPHA FEMALE: Appreciates her uniqueness… she constantly takes care of herself, including her body, because she loves and respects who she is.
Beta Female:
Asks if these jeans make her look fat…”No, sweetie, your fat makes you look fat”. (If you don’t like the way you look then start working out and validate yourself.

ALPHA MALE: Doesn’t pressure a woman for sex (but leads her to it)…because he knows it’s gonna happen in time and anything of value is worth waiting for.
Beta Male:
Has a 3 date rule… and misses out on the woman who would have been a “freak” for him had she only been emotionally connected.

ALPHA FEMALE: Keeps her own friendships, passions and interests and only lets men stay in her life when they enhance it.
Beta Female:
Gives up all outside interests and makes her man the center of her universe.

ALPHA MALE: Grabs a woman and kisses her passionately… a master of the bold move… he doesn’t even wait until the end of the first date.
Beta Male: Asks for a kiss, gets denied, and goes home without closing the deal.

ALPHA FEMALE: Lets a man know that she’s choosing him, then sits back and waits for him to pursue her… she’s busy with other things/people in the process.
Beta Female:
Makes herself extra-available for a guy she doesn’t even know.

ALPHA MALE: Tells a woman what they’re doing for the evening. He has a backup plan (just in case she’s an alpha woman who vetoes his idea).
Beta Male:
Says “whatever you want to do”… not realizing that women generally don’t like to make decisions and appreciate being told what’s what.

ALPHA FEMALE: Is in control of her emotions, thinks before she acts, settles for nothing less than the best, and is completely un-tamable.
Beta Female:
Lets people define her, agrees for the sake of being agreeable, sleeps with a guy to get him to like her and puts up with disrespect.

ALPHA MALE: Is brash, bold, funny, cocky and never underestimates himself.
Beta Male:
Has part of the package, but is too shy to execute.

ALPHA FEMALE: Drips with sex appeal, and wouldn’t be caught dead in hooker clothes to “catch a man” or grubby underwear “cause no one is looking”.
Beta Female:
Flaunts her sexuality… even when she’s uncomfortable doing so… and wears sexy underwear to catch a “man” and not for her own enjoyment.

ALPHA MALE: Is up front with the girls he talks to… letting them know that he will only commit to the right woman… if at all.
Beta Male:
Is more in love with happily ever after and looks for a woman to play the part of wifely.

ALPHA FEMALE: Knows that people need to hang with their friends, so she happily sends him out with the boys while she takes care of herself or kicks it with her friends.
Beta Female:
Throws a fit, calls him constantly and asks him where he was and who he was with whenever he has a guy’s night out.

The above is pretty much interchangeable as far as men and women go… Yet, women especially evolve through relationships. Since women tend to be more self-actualizing, they go for men who are in line with their thoughts about themselves and their potential.
Many women want a man who is more dominant (confident and unpredictable) than she is and if he isn’t, then she will seek out a more dominant partner.

Again,  Alpha females will hook up with Alpha males… beta females will pair with beta males. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, because people are different and have different tastes/opinions, etc…  be it first, and only then you will attract the best.


Irina Kalonatchi
Irina Kalonatchi
If most people know me from my techy side with my, by reading this blog they will discover my intense passion for fashion, culture and art. I want to share with you my different facet which is mostly the designer, poet, art enthusiast and collector part of me, the side that not everyone knows about. Hope through this blog, I can share with all of you a tint of passion and a dash of inspiration; as I always indulged myself to be inspired by the amazing individuals that surround me.
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