Styling for HAIR Growth not Damage. Natural Hair Care Tips.

Styling for HAIR Growth to bring your hair back to life.

No one more worry about bad hair day as models. Models’ hair is attacked on a daily basis with a variety of heated implements and hair styling trends, which become hotter, faster and more and more complicated with each year. As well as these torture devices like hot irons and dryers, hair is back combed, vigorously brushed-out and dyed a whole rainbow of chemicals. Of course, we all need to take care of our hair. Yes, models suffer the extremes of hair styling and damage. But we’re all guilty of using heated appliances, chemicals for the sake of fashion trends and allowing our hair to become brittle through lack of care.

So here we going to tell you how to bring it back to life or take care.

    1. Be GENTLE: be careful when pulling and tugging at the hair.
    2. Be PATIENT: never become frustrated and yank the hair and /or pull knots out.
    3. USE YOUR HANDS to fork-comb and smooth edges (brushes do more damage than you can imagine).
    4. PREVENTION: wrap hair up at night; never allow the hair to become entangled or dry.
    5. Moisturize WITH slightly ACIDIC WATER and a moisturizer from your favorite product line.
    6. REDUCE opportunity of BREAKAGE: Choose hairstyles that need little upkeep and manipulation such as buns, mini-twist, and twist-outs.
    7. Re-MOISTURIZE with slightly ACIDIC WATER daily especially before touching-up a hairstyle.
    8. Keep hair CLEAN: Never go longer than seven days to prevent product-build-up on the hair strand and bacteria-build-up on the scalp.
    9. PROTECT the ENDS: moisturize the ends first and often.
    10. Use PROTECTIVE HAIRSTYLES: make sure that the ends are tucked into the hair and not exposed to the environment. If you wear your hair loose-moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

10-Musts When Styling for Growth:

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