The Art of Bali Fashion Shopping

Art of Bali Fashion Shopping

Bali…I like to call this my home away from home. I have been lucky enough to have visited Bali 5 times now. Touring around I have meet so many people over there as the locals  are so friendly and loving. The food, stunning hotels, tropical weather and amazing shopping…for fashion and art are all of course a huge attractions too. Each time I visit Bali I fall more and more in love with their culture, local fashion and carefree lifestyle. Shopping in Bali for art and fashion is one of the best things it has to offer. Each year I visit there are more and more gorgeous shops being built in the main streets and more trendy labels are launched there.

My two most favorite shopping concepts are below , one from Semenyak and another one from Ubud.

Pusaka Ubud – a shop with ethnic concept and hand-dyed hand-woven hand-made natural fashion.

PUSAKA stocks feminine, natural, cool and comfortable ladieswear that is ideal for Bali’s warm climate. Natural dye color processed, hand made items.

Mango, Mahogany and Seri leaves are just a few of the natural materials used to tint the yarns of PUSAKA‘s clothing, which hangs on rustic wooden racks and shelves in this airy space. The dying process itself requires nine steps: a series of washing, drying and tying to create the desired motif and color variation. And this is before the seven-step weaving process, which includes winding and looming until the preferred patterns are achieved. Fabrics tend to be uniform in color and slightly rough in texture, yet they’re cut into utterly modern bias camisoles and wrap skirts. My great finds and buys include the sleeveless, sage-colored Neo Mao top with front slit and mandarin collar, and the empire-waist dress with blue, green and white zigzags reminiscent of Missoni’s signature pattern.
Wearing this Mao Inspired Indonesian made outfit, being Russian and living in Australia  I was mistaken for Chinese by some locals!

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