Trip to a Paradise – also known as Bali Fashion Shopping Experience

Bali Fashion Shopping picks. Seminyak.

I’ve just returned from a whirlwind trip to a Paradise — also known as Bali — and while my memory is fresh, it’s time to share some Bali Shopping TIPS and styling cues from my trip.

With Bali’s tropical humid climate, endless beaches, trendy new boutiques and art galleries, lush forests and rice paddy fields, I wanted to ensure to stay cool and comfortable while enjoying the gorgeous terrain of Ubud or zipping through the busy streets of Seminyak by motorbike. I opted for a Vince Camuto comfy flats over summery hills because the unpaved roads can be unforgiving. Lightweight, natural fabrics like worn-in cheese cotton and linen worked best in the heat, and I benefit from keeping a chic cover-up silk sarong on hand, especially when I find yourself in one of Ubud’s many sacred Hindu temples, where a little modesty is required or a bit windy rides on motorbike.

For my Bali shopping picks at Seminyak, if you go there, click through now:

SHOPPING IN SEMINYAK was an unexpected pleasure. Quality is the order of the day, with a smorgasbord of upmarket boutiques, furniture, art and antique stores.I discovered their unique designs for women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, shoes and accessories in addition to amazing leather goods/handbags, jewellery and homewares. But perhaps the most appealing aspect of shopping in Seminyak is the absence of persistent street vendors.

STARTING FROM THE LEGIAN STREET,  jump on the bike and ask driver to drop you at the end of Double Six Road and walk left towards Seminyak. I assure you that you will give your plastic a good swiping in this spot! From homewares to fashion boutiques, you will be in heaven and find some great shopping trends. A number of contemporary Australian and European fashion designers have established their base in Bali, alongside local designers and artisans, who also feature prominently in the area.

FASHION Boutiques to check out include – Lulu Yasmine, Mist, Religion, Biasa, Magali Pascal, PUSAKA.


All locally shopped fashonistas will swear by label LULU,  known for its slinky cuts, delicate fabrics and subtle details. Lulu Yasmine is a high quality clothing brand, handmade in Bali. Fair trade manufactured from sophisticated organic fabrics, inspired by travel, Parisian bohemian lifestyle, and ethnic art with a retro mood. Lulu Yasmine’s  Brazilian–British-Chinese creative owner Luiza Chang’s blends classic and sensual style with a bold touch and at the same time simple. It represents a cosmopolitan woman. A woman of the world, free spirited, elegant, edgy, who is comfortable in her own skin.

Magali Pascal.  Housed in a boudoir-style boutiques with black arty chandeliers, Magali Pascal  silk lace beading designs don’t scream Las Vegas va-va-voom. Instead they whisper European élan—perfect for swilling cocktails at the perennially chic Ku De Ta.


BIASA’s high-end Seminyak flagship store boasts three parts; the gallery, the shop and the garden.
BIASA, meaning ‘ordinary’ in the local tongue, boldly contradicts its name through its out-of-the-ordinary designs. The boutique stocks unique pieces, incorporating light and top quality cotton, linen and silk. Soft fabrics merge into fine individual pieces based on the sketches and cuts of founding designer, Susanna Perini.
Really interesting shop.  Upstairs is a floor devoted entirely to art gallery.
The versatility of each Biasa piece is impressive. Men can easily carry off the ‘resort-look’ of a white cotton muslin shirt and a pair of cool cotton ramie trousers. Ladies can opt for saris and sarongs in a unique wrap and tie design that is suitable for the beach or as classic eveningwear, or an appliqué striped muslin kaftan worn over linen shorts and Capri sandals. All these options will be perfectly complemented by a BIASA sun hat in cotton and linen.

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