Traditional Textile Design from Russian Artist with Love

The creation of Traditional Textile Design.

This project by Natalia Tyulkina is creation of stunning contemporary pattern in the spirit of ‘ “Timeless Design” and “Russian School of Art”.

Passionate about bringing nature indoors\’ Natalia\’s amazing surface designs are bursting with clean color palettes and intricate drawings of botanical plants and flowers, beautifully constructed into colorful pattern design with a vintage twist, true to her own style.. With her illustrations, she is able to capture the magic that is found in nature, combining traditional approaches to drawing with digital techniques and in par with fashions trends and directions.

See bellow step by step creation of the pattern in repeat, with key elements done in traditional watercolor techniques on separate papers and combined digitally later on to make the stunning surface art.

Contact Details

  • Natalia Tyulkina
  • Surface design
  • Moscow, Russian Federation

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