Why we love Animal Skin Prints !

Are you ready to go Wild? Animal Skin Prints by Brazilian Artist Carolina Lima.

Animal Print is all over the catwalk this season. And we love it, hot and sexy. It never fades, and we now see its return as one of this seasons hot fashion trend. Again. Leopard print mixed with tribal elements is big this season, you can wear as much print as you like, or just add a little touch, with animal print accessories, just to give a hint of the sexy wild kitten inside you. The general rule of wearing Animal print to wear it successfully and don’t look trashy, relate the volume of animal print to your personality and style of your wardrobe.

The animal skin print phenomena is a somewhat amusing yet increasingly popular psychosocial fashion boom whereby mostly female members of our species adorn themselves and the objects around them with jungle animal patterns ranging from leopard, cheetah, tiger and jaguar, through to snake, zebra and even giraffe…
Animal print can be seen adoringly zipped, wrapped, draped and strapped on bodies of all shapes and ages, from babies jumpsuit to a vintage grandma trolly shopping bag. It graces the streets of every city and appears to be loved in almost all cultures across our wonderful planet.
The  factor that rounds out the animal print’s allure is the way that the wearer perceives their own looks. As we know, self image is as much projected by the self as it is estimated by others. Seeing one’s self in the mirror when wearing sexy animal print creates the same allure appeal as real animals. They feel increased self confidence due to a perceived increase in their own level of attractiveness.

Going back to example of animal print collection, we love the fresh interpretation of Animal Skin Print  of Brazilian Surface Designer Carolina Lima.

animal skin print
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animal skin print

My creation process goes very connected with the process of creation of the Stylists. First, we do a meeting where is decided the collection theme, color chart and elements that will inspire the prints, like images, drawings, architecture, animals… After all this, it is defined how many prints will be made per season, on average I do 16 prints (pattern) for collection and 35 located.Currently most of the prints I make are digital, which streamlines the process of creation and confection. According the prints are ready, they are sent to a company that applies the base fabric chosen and sends me back to review color and size, if it’s all right, the print is released and follows with the supplier, but if there’s something to change, the print is sent again to production and review. In short, my creative process is based on reference images, the feeling to create images that illustrated all the concept collection and imagination of the stylists about the prints. It all require lots of creativity and patience to draw, collect images, and arrange everything in patterns.

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