The Art of Fashion Illustration – hand sketching is anything but dead.

Fashion photography may have trumped Fashion Illustration a while back, but hand sketching is anything but dead.

The internet is full of talented artists  from around the globe who take runway looks, magazine editorials, and street style images and reinterpret them by hand into whimsical creations. Here is one of fashion illustrator that we adore. Sara Vera Lecaro is an Ecuadorian Illustrator, working predominantly in fashion and portraiture. Click through image gallery, and prepare your eyes for a fashionable feast of her delicate art.

The Art of Fashion Illustration by Sara Vera Lecaro

The fashion illustration is an unique art. You need to strike a balance between the whole drawing and the details of the garment. This is why it is very hard to master. Below, we have samples of illustrations by Sara you can drawn inspiration from.

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We love the very classic pencil drawing style combined with touches of watercolours and Photoshop.

Portrait of Mila Kunis and Fashion Illustration

Portraits of Vanessa Paradis and Twiggy.

More examples of  Sara’s illustration. Good mix of using freehand drawing plus mixing in elements from Photoshop and Illustrator creating 3d effect. Fashion Illustration of Mary Katrantzou design with Sarah Jessica Parker as a model.

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We would celebrate Audrey Hepburn’s 85th birthday today! One of Sara’s favorites fashion icons.

the art of fashion illustration

Fashion illustrations for a magazine editorial.

Sara Vera Lecaro is a talented Fashion Illustrator/Artist from Ecuador .
Her talent as a potential artist with classical handwriting and attention to a detail showed up since she was a little girl.
She has a BA in Graphic Design, so she works as Art Director in Advertising Agencies, and has achieved several goals in her advertising career.
On the other hand, as an illustrator, her works has been posted in several magazines, sites, expos; in several countries such as: Ecuador, Argentina, Colombia, México.
She won the (Ecuador) Behance Portfolio Review as best portfolio in illustration 2013.
The last portfolio review (in August 2014) she was invited to be part of the jury in the illustration field.

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Sara's Grandma on the train, lovely traditional watercolour work.

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