How Fashion Trends keeping up by using Limitless Digital Printing.

Digital Printing helps to keep up with ‘fast fashion’ to deliver trends at lighting speed.

You may notice already in the shops – digital prints or photographic images of high quality are not belong to high end of fashion anymore! 

Since high-street brands such as Zara invented ‘fast fashion’, where designers imitate catwalk models at head-spinningly fast speeds, the retail industry has had to produce an increasing number of collections every season. The number of collections used to be four per season and now it is something like one collection per month. So how they deal with it? Digital Printing.

With digital printing, if  brand have a new design, they could have a print on a piece of fabric within two hours, so you could walk out with a blouse within a few weeks…

Textile designers are beginning to realize the creative potential of digital textile design and are fast catching up with graphic designers who have taken to working digitally. New digital textile-printing technology is enabling designers to work with an almost unlimited palette of colors to produce work of staggering detail in relatively short timescales. Smaller batches are possible through Digital Printing techniques, which offer a cost effective option for many companies.

See the real production samples of digital prints and garments, shows how talented designer from Brazil CAROLINA LIMA uses this new technique, exploring the limitless possibilities of digital printing .


Fast delivery

Traditional screen printed fabrics usually appear on the market about a half-year after they are designed. With digital printing, it’s possible to go from the design room to finished fabric in a matter of weeks (or days, with an on-site printer). This allows company to take advantage of current trends, and even change prints or colors mid-season.

Higher Quality

Unlike screen printing, where the image may lose some sharpness or clarity, digital printing allows for a high resolution image with cleaner edges. Producing a product with bright, clear and sharp images is an important element to creating a quality item for businesses.

Fast and cost effective manufacturing.

Digital printing is a much faster process with fewer steps and can therefore return finished products to customers at a higher rate. No more hunting high and low for the perfect print, only to find that it’s no longer available when you need more. No such thing as fabric inventory – with an on-site printer, it’s possible to print fabric on the same day that it will be cut. As digital printing performs directly onto the garment, it allows for the avoidance of screen printing consumables – therefore producing less waste and energy. Many textile printers require a large batch for screen printing due to the associated cost and effort to create the desired item.

Smaller batches are possible through Digital Printing techniques, which offer a less expensive option for many companies and individuals.

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