Power, Wealth, Beauty and Love of Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses.

The Greek Gods and Goddesses inspired HEADWEAR Range of Power, Wealth, Beauty and Love.

They’ll all will make you look like you walked straight out of heaven.

The Greek Gods and Goddesses inspired HEADWEAR Range by Australian Designer HELENA ROSE involved a very in depth designing process and with great symbolism. The range was designed to portray a story about different Gods and Goddesses from Ancient Greece who displayed Power, Wealth, Beauty and Love.
The colours used in this range played a great part in achieving the look required. Helena Rose  decided to use gold to resemble great wealth and power and Pearl white to reflect back on the Love and Beauty in this story.
The materials used for these pieces included Round buttons, Feathers and leaves which each had a symbolic presence. The circular Buttons symbolize the sun, the earth, the moon and the universe of which different Greek gods ruled. The leaves reflected on the earth and nature and the feathers were shaped to symbolize her interpretation of sun rays. The highlight of this shoot was when Helena Rose was asked to make a dress for Athena on location with no scissors and only pins, fabric and wire!

Below Helena Rose has provided an insight into the symbolism and reasoning behind each piece.

As you’ll see, each headpiece and outfit reflects the goddesses’ different personalities and stories, with one common thread: they’ll all will make you look like you walked straight out of heaven.

Inspiration for the Headwear Collection stemmed from The God’s and Goddesses of ancient Greece.

“APHRODITE ” Button Helmet

Aphrodite was the Olympian Goddess of love and beauty. The Pearl White buttons used in this piece portrayed Love, for Love can be as precious as a pearl. The perfect alignment of these buttons reflects on Beauty; For Beauty is a combination of qualities, such as shape, colour, or form that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.

“ASTRAEUS” Gold Leaf Crown
Titan God of the dusk – As the sun sets, the light fades and it gets cooler. This piece reflects on the cycle of nature symbolised by the repetitive circular design and leave

“NIKE” Button Helmet
The Greek Goddess of victory, Speed and Strength. Her headpiece was designed to look more like a Helmet for Battle to symbolize on Victory and Strength. The clustered alignment of the buttons represented an illusion of fast movement reflecting on her Speed.s.

“ATHENA” Pearls of the Moon Helmet

Athena was the Olympian Goddess of war, wisdom and domestic crafts. This piece was also designed to look more like a helmet to symbolize war.

“APOLLO” Head Wrap
Apollo was the god of light and of the sun, of the arts, music and poetry, of healing and medicine and the leader of the Muses. The feathers used in this piece were an interpretation of Sunrays while the leaves resembled healing and medicine.

Helena Rose was established in 2011 and offers an exceptional Styling service for Photo shoots as well as hand making and selling high quality Headpieces and Accessories. Attention to detail and a fondness for artistic form, ensures that each piece created by Helena Rose is unique. It’s all about fabrics, textures and fine details at Helena Rose. Fabrics and beads are usually sourced first which, in turn, inspire me to come up with new pieces.

Which Goddess are you?

If you wanted to feel especially regal and majestic on that special costume party or even a wedding, which goddess look would you pick? Did our interpretations make sense to you? If you were to create your own goddess look, what would you add? Maybe you would even take your inspiration from a different goddess — like Hera, Zeus’ wife and the queen of Mount Olympus? Let us know!

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The drama of Ancient Greek Gods and Godesses Life

Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses was handsome men and beautiful women, embroiled in drama after drama of love, passion, and vengeance, from heaven to Earth to hell and back.

Although fashion is predicated on a rather accelerated cycle of innovation and obsolence, there have been numerous instances of its impulse to forms of immutable ideal beauty. Invariable, the invocation of designs impervious to the capriciousness of fashion has attributes of Graeco-Roman gods and goddesses, discrete classicising by which ephemeral fashions are imbued with an ostensible sense of timeless and enduring beauty. Some of the elements establishing a transcendant association with the antique directly cite the costume types observed through ancient artworks, whether sculpture, wall frescoes, or red-and-black figure vase paintings…  by Mr. Koda

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