Our Favorite Fashion Blogging Tips to become an influential blogger.

Whether you are a total beginner or an experienced blogger, benefit from our fashion blogging tips.

There are a number of ways that a girl can express herself on the Internet today. Social media and blogging is a fantastic way to broadcast your INTERESTS, PASSIONS and OPINIONS to the whole world, including posting images of your gorgeous occasion dresses or last night’s shoe shopping. In fact you post everything from makeup experiments to fashion styling.
So what’s the big perspective to become a Fashion Blogger? Apart from getting freebies for review and invites to fashion events, it’s a starting path to entering the challenging and highly competitive world of FASHION. Fashion brands see bloggers now as a cost-effective method of reaching their target audience and are seen by readers as a more trustworthy source of content than traditional advertising methods.
If you want to make a name for yourself in the industry and become an influencer start a FASHION BLOG. In this post we are going to share with you some of our favorite fashion blogging tips to make your blog interesting and effective.

How to Start a Fashion Blog:

Well, the good  news is that Fashion Blogging is big TREND right now. Successful Fashion Bloggers are garnering hundreds of thousands of followers and commanding huge readership – and respect – all while becoming celebrities in their own right.


Choosing a blogging platform will be your first task. There are some FREE options available to you such as WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr. All these platforms offer free design templates and are very easy to get started on. Despite simplicity for start ups, I strongly recommend you NOT using free platforms as they will limit your expansion in the future.


What makes a blogger standout from the rest of the pack is CONTENT and PERSONALITY. When you first start blogging, have a clear category in mind, be it fashion, beauty, styling etc. It is important you write for yourself as a prime reader, focus on your own thoughts and opinions on things and engage readers to immerse in those ideas. Inspire peoples curiosity and dreams by creating your own fairy tale. We are a big fans of compelling blogs that allow us to fantasize what it’s like to be in that blogger’s shoes—literally and figuratively. Always keep the fairy tale alive and tickle your readers’ imaginations! Make them dream by following you and sharing your lifestyle with them.


BLOGGING WITHOUT TRAFFIC – It is like writing a book and it is just sitting on the bookshelves, no one buying.  Let’s be honest – blogging is rewarding but hard work and that it’s an around the clock commitment! If you fancy building a fashion blog or even Instagram is about playing dress ups and taking some pretty pictures, think again. If you truly do want to start a fashion blog you are entering a world that is so crowded you will struggle to even find oxidant to breathe. The competition for the traffic and recognition is fierce. Someone like Kim Kardashian will makes headlines by stripping herself but sure steal the traffic.

Apart of Kardashian’s ass and other mega-star online publications, 90% of blogs are invisible at the galaxy of web.  We mean invisible on the WWW billions of blogs as a black holes.  This leaves YOU with an opportunity to do something amazing, awesome and special but you need being creative, different and committed. Keep reading DOWN to get idea how to get out from obscurity.


Be multi-dimensional. Bloggers have skills in modelling, acting, photography, videography, styling, entertaining and presenting.  Today, the blogger  girl needs more than an outfit, a boyfriend, and a camera. Bloggers need to think about production quality, editorial strategy, and affiliate programs to really gain a foothold on the web. They are more like editors, creating publications worthy of a million-person audience than a few thousand super-fans. Yet it still comes down to that camera. Nine times out of 10, the bloggers who move merchandise, who get people talking, who attract repeat advertisers, love to strike a pose.


The best content is inspire people and let them a dream. It may be in many forms like a video, photo gallery or a blog post or an eBook. The best content is something that changes a person’s life. The best content solves problems and give a useful tips.  Keep this in mind all the time.
Choose an eye-catching titles to reflect your winning content. Selecting an interesting title is what will get readers to visit your blog posts. Ensure its griping and well draw readers in. Think about the trending articles you get drawn to on the web. How you title your posts is so important. Think about keywords you could use, enticing adjectives, questions you could ask, it is a “HOW TO or Why or a bullet point list – these are all attention grabbers.
You should spend a lot of time trying to come up with the best and most useful content and titles ideas that you can think of. Every post should have a point, a reason for being, a goal to accomplish in your editorial calendar. Is it answering a question, fulfilling a dream, providing entertainment or advice? The “WHY” is always important!


You want to publish an evergreen material that stays relevant not for just a week or two but stays on search engines forever. This is one of the key points to running a successful blog. Write about today that going to be interesting in 3-5years from now.  Make notes of the fun or weird things you see,  try to research the coming trends for the next 3 years  and you can use all of this as fuel and ideas for your timeless blog posts. Content that is timely will almost certainly gain more social traction in your networks than evergreen content that isn’t tied to a season, holiday, current trend, event or recently popular cultural topic (celebrity, travel, politics, etc). But evergreen content will serve your visitors for years to come. The best content is timely and evergreen in a fusion.
If you do an evergreen content is there a way you could work in a timely element? If you do a trend related content is there a way you could add some timeless element?


90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Be sure to include plenty of images on your blog! Images are equally as important as the text and some readers only ever look at the images and skim the text! Ensure your images are interesting, good quality and eye catching! Readers love to ‘share’ pictures, especially on social media so this is vital. Creating Catching eye images is a key blogging practice. Often the best hours for outfit photos are later in the afternoon—I call them “the magic hours!”—when the sun is near the horizon and gives a soft hazy front light. When you photograph, say, at noon, you will often have harsh shadows in your face. Use editing applications like Photoshop.
Edit your image content – avoid putting up fifty pictures of the same outfit shot. It’s repetitive and boring. Create a strong visual narrative by including detail and environmental shots. It’s about quality over quantity.

Never collaborate with brands that don’t represent you. Your readers know your taste and you’ll lose your credibility if they don’t trust what you’re doing. Always state when you’re collaborating with a company or when you received an item as a gift. It’s actually an FTC rule and it means you are being loyal to your followers! Make sure to link out and “@” the brands you mention in your posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc! Fashion brands see bloggers as a cost-effective method of reaching their target audience and are seen by readers as a more trustworthy source of content than traditional advertising methods.


Make friends. Lots of them. Make friends with your readers and make friends with other bloggers that are already way more awesome than you and might be able to give you a helping hand. This means growing a mailing list and it means harnessing the power of social media – follow like-minded people.

Put your face on it. You are going to be a huge part of your blog. You write the darn thing! Make sure people know who it is coming from. Use www.gravatar.com for avatar.


Try to post as often as possible BUT ONLY QUALITY CONTENT…
Sometimes it’s take 10 hours to write one blog article. Or one day to do a Photoshoot photos. And one more day to post on social media sites. Don’t just publish on the blog what that you type out in five minutes and hit publish because you want to go out that fashion event or shopping!  If you’re not prepared to a hard work, then keep doing Selfies and post them on Instagram for yourself, your boyfriend and small circle of friends – why not?


Well, don’t word it quite like this, but it’s a great idea at the bottom of your blog to include what’s called a ‘Call to action’. This is something, which invites the reader to communicate with you further by either following you on social media, or signing up to your newsletter. Work on engaging with your readers, a small but engaged audience can be a powerful thing. But don’t ask people to leave comments requesting to check out your blog; that won’t build sustainable readership. Instead create original, quality content that brings people back for more and your blog will spread through word of mouth (online & offline).

If you adhere to the points above, you can’t go far wrong with creating and establishing your blog. Remember to be patient with blogging and consistency is key! It takes time to build a loyal following, so keep at it, put the hard work in and reap the rewards.

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