RED Dress Tips, Inspired by Charles Billich Collection RED.

How to Wear RED Dress for a Special Day and Keep Up a Style Balance.

“Never seen you looking so lovely as you do tonight, Never seen you shine so Bright
Looking for a little romance, given half the chance, Lady in Red is dancing with me”

The lyrics from the song by Chris de Burgh called ‘Lady in Red’, about a woman looking gorgeous and sexy, dressed in a red dress. That is the effect a red dress can have on people. Lady wearing Red feels sassy, bold, alive, beautiful and little bit of naughty. We know, the red cocktail dress the most essential for any woman after little black dress.

Now on to the most important part: Getting the perfect red colour outfit for your Party! If you ‘re hoping to win the regular gal ‘s version of best dressed — jealous stares and compliments a plenty! — you ‘ll want to read these advice from fashion experts. Dress like a celebrity with Fashion blog tips how to wear RED colour. Inspired by the iconic painter Charles Billich and his amazing new collection RED.


Fashion Blog Tips to Wear Red Dress:

There are some things to keep in mind while daring to wear the very sexy, red dress. Confidence and the right attitude are you need first, to wear the red dress. The red dress immediately makes you the center of attention. For those who are not used to standing out in the crowd need a balance while wearing a red dress.

The Fit and Style of the Red Dress

Two super important pieces of advice wearing the stunning red dress? Watch the balance of the fit and color!  If you don’t have good fit, you don’t have fashion! If it feels like it reveals too much when you move naturally, choose a rather modest style when you are looking for a red dress. The red dress already exudes sexiness; therefore you should choose a simpler style. A plain red dress can be very attention grabbing so the trick here is to steer clear of all the attraction like open cleavage or mini. It is very important to keep the silhouette clean, curvy and neat. The way the dress falls on your body is very integral to the way you look in a red dress.

The best length for a red dress is at the knee or a bit shorter. It shows a bit more of your legs and make you look taller and slimmer. Calf-lengths are a bit tricky because they tend to overpower most body figures. Do not over power your dress with too much embroidery or heavy beading. Keep it simple and neat.

Right tone of Red Dress

 Call it cherry, ruby or scarlet: red – and we mean real Coca-Cola red – is the red carpet color and an evening  colour for the red dress!

It is very important to choose the right shade of the color or texture while wearing the red dress. When wearing the red dress at night opt for monotones as they are sexy and classy. You may opt for lace to add some texture or simple shiny silk.

We are not encouraging the fair skinned ladies to get tanned to wear red; however, check red color tone that pops your skin color rather than blending. Red warmer tone monotones look very nice against pale skin.  Go for the Scarlet reds for pale skin and choose the Bright neon reds, ruby red, pinky reds for darker skin tones.

If you are a small petite woman wear bright reds that will flatter your body.

For large women; you should wear darker shades of red like maroon or wine shades to draw less attention to your body and giving an illusion of pettiness.

Strike the Pose in a Red Dress !

A great way to build confidence before you leave the house and the easiest thing you can do to create a major fashion moment and check if you looking good in red? Be your own paparazzi! Take selfies before you leave the house so you know exactly what your best poses are and also test the dress with lighting from behind and in front to make sure it\’s not see through.

But last advice – No matter what you are wearing, your individuality will stand out the most!

Some information about Charles Billich and Christa Billich.

The internationally acclaimed iconic painter Charles Billich is a dynamic artist with an equally dynamic gallery ranned by his wife Christa Billich, that’s enriched their corner of The Rocks in Sydney for a quarter of a century showcasing BIllich’s continuous creativity.

Fashion, Dance, Music, Races, Architecture and Cityscapes, Compassion and Humanity, Portraiture and Figurative work, equestrian sports, sailing all provide the imagery for his work and always in a way that challenges the norm.

His art revolves around popes and playboys, celebrities, fashion, ballet dancers and nudes, also taking in sporting scenes and grand cityscapes.

His late Collection RED,  mostly Figurative work of Dancers and Models wearing RED is a stunning proof of the artist ability to capture the essence of the women.

“The paintings of dancers are derived from visual experience – not from ballet dancers posing for me. I have the ability to capture a fleeting moment on canvas,”  “Everything I do has a certain kinetic quality to it, giving the illusion of movement in my work.” says Billich.

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