The Image of Siberia. Diamonds and Fashion are Forewer.

Diamonds and Fashion are Forewer.

Yakutia – the largest and the coldest region in Russia. Here is the cold pole of the northern hemisphere – the land with the lowest recorded temperature where people live permanently.

The most notable feature of Yakutia its climate. There is a continental cold pole, is a giant natural fridge and the most frosty of populated places on the planet – the village Tomtor which recorded the highest temperature – minus 71.2 degrees Celsius. There are also known as a diamond land.

The fact that it is a diamond edge, eloquent signs of shops, companies, restaurants and cafés: in many of them there are derivatives of the word “diamond”. Which is not surprising: in Yakutia there are more than 200 kimberlite diamond deposits, and in six decades they produced about 300 tons of the precious stones. The Treasury of the Republic of Yakutia located in the city center and is part of the local history museum. Placer nuggets and 2-kg ingots of platinum and gold, the diversity of uncut stones, sparkling diamonds, jewelry and works of art from mammoth tusk. The exhibition can be seen household items and clothing indigenous peoples of Yakutia, totemic symbols, women’s jewelry, reflecting the traditional beliefs of the Yakuts.

By the way, one of the most interesting and relatively new exhibits collection – carved from rock crystal head of Princess Diana. The sculpture is mounted on a pedestal of sky-blue stone, named in honor of Princess Dianit. The deposits of this mineral found in 1997 near the Yakut village Tarynah. Dianit, who is also called blue jade, because of its rarity and beauty is highly appreciated by collectors.

Image of the Girl-Winter! Or Snow Maiden…

Fascinating image of Snow Maiden created by local fashion designer and Russian Photographer Alex Cheban. And what is the image of the winter? It is a bright shining girl who captivates you with its cool and confident look, probably something like that Winter starts with Yakutia and it still is not inferior to the spring in the European part of Russia and Eastern Europe … and great! Today we invite you to take a look at the winter from the leading fashion designer of Yakutia, Augustine Filippov. Interesting people and incredible costumes that exist in a single copy, and the creation of some of them take years! A role model today one of the participants of “Miss Yakutia– Karina Kardashevskaya!

Alex Cheban
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Fashion and Patterns of Ancient Siberia

Tabs on the cap is a bond of man with the cosmos. It’s kind of antenna. Recently decorated with beads. There are also more prosaic explanation of this unusual item. When the ancestors of the Yakuts mastered the north, instead of caps they wore skins with a fox‘s head.
Yakut pattern is always a continuous line branched. Thus, the ancestors wanted to remind their descendants that their race should not be interrupted. The more branches, the more children at the man who wears this pattern. Ancient Yakuts come a long way from distant lands before stay where they now live. The whole history of long wanderings also passed the long, winding curls of design.

Yakuts tried to blend colours in designs to suit all the seasons. Black symbolizes the earth and spring green – summer, red and brown – autumn and silver ornaments stars, snow and winter.

PHOTOS  by Alex Cheban.

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