From Siberia with Love – Elegant Full Finger Rings.

Full-Finger Rings? Sounds fabulous!

Rihanna was seen at the BET Awards sporting the Vivienne Westwood creations. And we all know, if Vivienne Westwood has given her spin on things, producing some awesome designs you know that whatever you see is going to be jaw dropping and trend setter.

So, what is so special about these rings and latest trend, slowly making its way into every one’s jewelry boxes? For now it seems to be Hollywood’s best kept secret. Celebrities such as BeyonceRihanna, Heidi Klum, Mary-Kate Olsen, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Posh Spice (Victoria Beckham), Kelly Osbourne, Malin Akerman and many more are all trending around with the full-finger rings.

Beyonce was one of the first to see flashing the ring when she would perform her hit single “Single Ladies”. The ring was used as a prop to emphasize her now iconic dance to persuade men to propose. The full-finger ring has now made its way off the stage as a prop and into our everyday lives and is making a statement. When you see some of the rich and famous wearing them you know that you are onto a real winner in the style and fashion stakes.

And the bottom line is that they are so very different from anything you really can imagine.

They are generally made of hard wearing pewter or sterling silver and because of this can be very intricate in design. Which means, just a fantastic finished result that is pretty impressive to look at, with 2 or 3 pieces that are jointed so as to flow with your own finger and hand movements naturally and easily. To really give not only your outfit but, your day a huge lift, take a look at any of these dramatic items of full finger decoration. We can guarantee wearing a full ring will make your hand one of the most talked about at the party you attend. Just be prepared to answer loads of questions where did you get them from and why its trending…

Now that you have heard how impressive full finger rings are to make a stirring show – wouldn’t you like to see and experience the very best of these full finger rings for yourself? They can look pretty awesome on the right person with the right outfit. Fashion Blog would like to introduce you to unique collection from Russia, also including bracelets and elongated earrings to complete the look.

From Siberia with Love – the signature delicate silver lace designs of full-finger rings from Russia.

The nomadic tendency of jewellery has become an overarching trend and fashion is exploring new ways of wearing jewels. As they wander further from tradition, full finger rings are becoming a fashion darling. The concept for Siberian brand signature pieces – an intricately laced piece of jewellery worn on the fingers – emerged from a traditional finger ornaments from local Siberian tribes and trending fashion statements started by celebrities.

Take a close look at any of these dramatic items of full finger decoration. It became a statement in its own right. The rings which covers an entire finger may sound uncomfortable but surprisingly it is very flexible and elegant – rings for two, three phalanges are true works of art and a wearable good design in a same time.

Please pay special attention the original design concepts of this unique silver jewellery: “From Siberia with Love” taking a nostalgic detour from local tribes, and embed their creations with spirituality and nature, extremely elegant sophisticated look that is not only a tribute to the fashion trends, but also the subject of eternal value.

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