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Fashion Design, Styling, Surface and Fashion Illustration Inspirations.

Inspiration motivates. Inspiration helps create. Inspiration facilitate progress toward project. Where does your inspiration come from? It can be anything from friends, late art gallery visit, book, movies or even a walking on the beach. Wherever it comes from, it takes you to where you need to go and places you didn’t even know you needed to go. Fashion Blog exams how and where inspiration may comes from.

We all need inspiration when working on design projects.

Most mainstream brands designers, when looking for a new ideas, turn to fashion magazines and stores to find trends. But there are a few problems with that approach. The most obvious is that when taking inspiration from similar mediums, there’s a fine line between “inspired by” and “copied”. To some extent, looking at established brands late collections can also be somewhat limiting, especially if you’re looking for a fresh look and unique signature for your collection. The best designers are the ones that don’t buy anything to do with fashion when searching for ideas. They looking for the sources outside of fashion industry, specifically in mind not to to rip something off already existing.

There are so many amazing things designers could be turning to for inspiration outside of the circle. I’ve featured some samples of those ideas below, along with my own illustrations.
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The sensations that go along with consuming food can be a fantastic way to unleash your creativity. Try going out to your favorite restaurant or cooking your favorite meal. But go beyond eating and really think about your food. If you’re cooking, consider the ingredients you’re putting into the meal and what each one adds to the finished result. The same goes for eating out; think about the different flavours, textures, colours and how they complement with each other in the finished dish.

Don’t overlook the presentation of your food, either. Look at the way the food is placed on the plate, whether there is any garnish, how much empty space there is around the food, etc. Consider how you might be able to apply the same concepts to your own projects.

Pattern inspiration and Photoshop manipulation steps - how ordinary pasta photo transformed to a surface print.

Get Inspired Form the The Natural World Around Us.

The inspirational opportunities present in the natural world around us could make an entire post all on their own. There are literally thousands, if not millions, of things to be inspired by around the world and in our own backyards. Birds, trees, animals, bugs, the sky, mountains, valleys, deserts, rivers, lakes, the list could go on forever.

When you’re lacking inspiration, try taking a walk through a nearby field, park, forest, or other natural space. Look around at the shape and texture of things, the colors, the patterns, and anything else that catches your eye. You’re almost sure to find something you can apply to your projects if you take the time to look.


I was using my own collection of Russian craft boxes made from the birch tree bark to get inspired.

Illustrations by Irina Kalonatchi

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Stepping away from the places we normally seek other unconventional sources for design inspiration can lead to a whole new world of creative ideas.. Try keeping a file of potential ideas, images, and other materials garnered from these sources, either on your computer or in physical form. Then you can pull from it even when pressed for time.

Here’s more ideas of the things you might look at to be inspired:

  • Fine Art
  • Photography
  • Architecture
  • Graphics
  • Sculpture
  • Textiles
  • Interior Design
  • Performance Arts
  • Costume History
  • Music
  • Packaging
  • People
  • Books
  • Movies
  • Anything visually stimulating around us…

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