Nature Inspired Jewellery with Good Karma from Australia by Solu.

Contemporary Jewellery Designers Ilze Skestere and Svetlana Kostyuk united and the World of Solu, Nature Inspired Jewellery was born.

One of the best things about being editor at is witnessing the surge of new, talented designers rising to the fore.

I have seen an exceptional array of exciting designs by jewellers who have quickly establishing themselves as names to watch. I picked out some designers who are part of the new guard currently rocking the world of fine jewellery. Cool, confident and stylish, their creations liberally mix cultural and modern influences to turn traditional concepts of fine jewellery on their head.

Emerging Australian brand World of Solu captivates with a whimsical unique collection of nature inspired jewellery. Handmade objects of desire combining natural luxury with a hint of the unexpected. Specialising in limited-edition pieces, Solu creates luxurious, spiritual and whimsical jewellery with a non-conformist edge. The brainchild of lze Skestere and Svetlana Kostyuk the Solu collection inhabits a natural world in which metal ocean wave trails down the finger and splashing on the ear with semi-precious stones…. Each piece is inspired by its own story and, through delicate craftsmanship, captures ephemeral moments in life and beauty of the nature..

Solu jewels emerge from imagined stories centered around the spirit of a nature… elegant and yet edgy designs drawing inspiration from fashion, art, nature, and travels in foreign lands.

From Turkey to Bali via Russia, Svetlana seeks inspiration from every corner of the world. Drawing upon there interest in art, elegance, design and nature, Svetlana uses her knowledge of precious stones, high craftsmanship and the latest jewellery-making techniques to create pieces that combine elegance with a sense of history.
She has a passion for gemstones and is fascinated by the aura and poetry that emanates from every stone. All the jewels in her collections are handmade and limited editions, adding to the feeling of exclusivity.

An intricate ocean waive made out of gold pleated silver and topaz, clinging onto a stream of pearl, tells the story of the girl from Russia ended in Australia and becoming a creative force behind the Solu.
Solu’s custom-made pieces are a unique alternative to off-the shelf jewels designed to stir up the feelings and memories of her upbringing in Siberia, beaches of Australia, travel to exotic locations and provide a breath of fresh air in a busy modern world.

Quality of workmanship is of the utmost importance; Svetlana works with a combination of traditional and modern techniques using precious metals and stones.
and strives to create unique yet timeless pieces that will last generations. A treasured piece of jewellery holds incredible power and energy and inspires self expression and emotion for all of us.
In a world where computer-generated products are taking over, nature inspired design and eco look are becoming increasingly popular, especially with the younger demographic. I think their customers will be attracted by the natural beauty of organic forms and the fact that they are not cut or polished like diamonds and other gems.

Their ring collection also epitomizes the sculptural approach that Svetlana sought to explore landscapes and organic shapes in innovative ways. See the gallery of pictures here.

Svetlana emphasises that Solu collection is grounded in an emotive spiritual pull rather than aesthetic influences from a physical objects or location: “We were inspired by the notion of jewellery having the unique ability to capture a special vibe in a time, given its components of precious metals and gems that last forever. The idea was that each time the wearer looks at the special piece of jewellery and charge the energy from stones, it evokes these beautiful emotions. Using that as a starting point freed up the design process immensely, allowing her to create pieces inspired by feelings, soul and nature.


She is made of earth. Her feet are rooted deep within the soil, her  head among the stars and universe is her crown. Ocean force flows through her veins. Trees and rivers are her essence. Her arms are open wide to hold infinity. Her radiant beauty shines bright like the moon igniting the light in others. Her spirit lives free and wild. She follows no one, only her true nature.

Within her lies the creative force powerful beyond measure. She is creator of her own destiny. She is fierce and her passions knows no limits and sets the fire wild. Yet she is just like the water moving with grace and deep peace.

She knows that sacred and mysterious place inside her where her soul lives. In that place within, her goddesses power lays that transforms dust into dimonds and pearls.

Solu is her name. If you dare, come to her.  She resides within you… You are her.

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