Romantic and Feminine Floral Headbands from Ukraine.

Surreal Floral Headbands from Ukraine by Elena Martynenko.

Floral Headbands are BIG From editorials, engagements, weddings, races and newborn photo shoots, the floral headbands or crowns trend is porting natural art and life onto the streets of the world.
I was lucky to discover the delightful Elena Martynenko, Accessory Designer from Ukraine. She is this lady who has the love and passion for beautiful adornments that look like coming from the fashion fairyland. She is the real expert in making the hottest new spring trend – the floral crown and floral headbands.

“They are pretty surreal head pieces. As a fashion design graduate in my past and true fashionist, I have always been drawn to the ultra-feminine look. I just want to keep wearing really fabulous party or race outfits adorned with head pieces. Things that make me feel beautiful and pretty. I’ve always had that as my aesthetic; I love silks and vintage fabrics. I really do love Elena’s  style.”

The flower headbands are among Elena Martynenko’s biggest sellers. Handmade, they circle the head with a mass of flowers and can be customised to suit a dress print, colour theme or photo session setting. While they may seem a perfect match for a spring race or a bohemian wedding, the headpieces can be used for many different occasions.  Flower crowns are for every day – as long as you have the right attitude and wear them in the right kind of way. There are different ways to wear them and different sizes. The five-year girl can wear them and the fifty-year old lady can wear them, too…


Bold, Bright And Colourful Floral Crowns.
Make a statement in a rainbow bright flower crown! Use similar colous or completely contrasting hues for a bright, beautiful and modern bohemian look.

Many of them are made in one piece. I’m making my flowers using the technique of burning petals edges. I like to work with fabrics of different texture and structure. I love experimental and original creations. I do work well with natural stones, beads and genuine leather to create my headpieces, necklaces, jewelry sets, bracelets, earrings. Please check other post dedicated to my Accessories Collections.

The Collection of Headbands.

Girls and women equally should be able to wear my creations so that they look beautiful but also comfortable. That is what my credo is – in the manufacture of such jewelry and head pieces. One of these “friendly” items is an Ukrainian inspired wreath, which creates the illusion of a flower crown on a woman’s head. Even though the accessories are of impressive size, they absolutely does not mess up the hairstyle. In general, in my works I primarily strive to create not just a fashion trend and accessories to a red carpet events, but the creation of “wearable” comfortable things.


A little about my History and my Choice of Materials.

In my works, I do everything myself: fabric flowers are handmade and sewn to the base. Therefore, you don’t need to worry that they will fall off or peeling off at the most inopportune moment. I try to avoid banality, boredom and plagiarism. And even from the inside out – beautiful made.

My flowers keep their shape in all weather conditions, even if you dive into the water; flowers retain their form and color, and when they become dry – the flower band will spring to an initial appearance. This is mainly achieved through the manufacturing technology of the the flower, as well as the important role played by the choice of fabric.

Please check our post dedicated to Elena’s Accessories Collections and Photo Sessions by her sister, and her brother in law, photographers
Marina Martynenko & Sergei Kovbasyuk
Sergey PhotoKiev Kovbasyuk
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Where and How to Use the Flower Bands?

With the Race Carnivals always around the corner in Australia, we are seeing the floral head band or floral crown as a perfect accompaniment to your day at the races or fashion on the fields. You don’t have to be a supermodel on the runway to get your own piece of the hottest trend. You can get this look anyway you like – make a statement, or subtle – however you envisage being able to rock this look.
For a bride to be – floral head bands or crowns are a romantic, feminine and a whimsical alternative to the traditional bridal veil and therefore they are a bohemian bride’s best friend.

A Few Things to Consider if You Wearing a Flower Crown.

They work with all hair types and lengths but look at their best when your hair is curly or has slightly wavy. The more disheveled – the better.
Hair down is the bohemian, free spirited look of choice – but you could always add a few braided strands or even wear your hair in a side fishtail braid.
Silk flower crowns (or other fabric/paper crowns) won’t wilt and you’ll be able to wear them again. Check out here for some pretty designs.

Floral headbands and floral crowns

Ok, one more flower crown for luck…
This pretty pastel headpiece is pure ‘spring time’. Rustic Rose & Vintage Flower Headband by Elena Martynenko. Perfect for Fall or Spring, Elena’s Roses (the big roses that look like they have lots of petals squished up inside) come in the prettiest shades and are a fun, modern choice.

Fairytales Photo Sessions

Ukraine Folk is timeless Boho Look.

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