Cafe Del Mar Concept. New Hot Sydney’s Social Scene.

Café del Mar concept to put Music to the Roof Top Bar Sunset in Sydney.

Do you all agree with me, that there is nothing more relaxing to sit on a daybed bed, wearing white summer dress and sipping cocktail, while listening to the tunes of Cafe del Mar.
We all know, have heard of or even have been, at the original Cafe del Mar in Ibiza or one of the other many locations who hold the same name. The one located in Sydney Harbourside. Being the first one in Australia, it was a brilliant idea to implement the concept over here, however for real Cafe del Mar groupies, it is “copy paste” but for us, Sydney socialites, it’s and amazing addition to our vibrant social life!
The view from the huge balcony overlooks the Darling Harbouside as well as the beautiful skyline of the Pyrmont, where I live.

Our group arrived there around lunch time,  sat down at one of the sofas on the huge veranda, were greeted and given the menu. We discovered new signature cocktails with some exotic mixtures. Excellent service.
Drinks were refreshing, the breeze was there and last, round of drinks all went well. Relaxing, accompanied by grooves from Cafe del Mar, is what we were looking for.

It its a stunning place decorated in an elegant and modern design, located in the heart of Sydney.

All Photos taken by Photographer, Journalist and DJ Mani Veiszadeh – his podcast is here
Art Director Irina Kalonatchi @
Event Coordinator Event Media / Facebook Page
Models and Socialites: Lyesther Collyer and Irina Kalonatchi

This is one of my favorite bars in Sydney ever, perfect for almost any situation: for relaxing evening, for dinner, for lunch, for romance. Its an incredible sensation combining the unique ambience of iconic chill out music, casual dining and spectacular Harbourside views, all revolving around relaxation and world class evening nightlife. Enjoying the beautiful  Sydney!

Café del Mar concept bar was born to put music to the sunset in Ibiza. The concept was simple, to put music for the sunsets. Much of his success stemmed from the design of the original ‘Café del Mar’ with it’s clouds, eroticism and sensuality that combine so neatly with the sunset, the sea and the music. The perfect sunset, accompanied by what proved to be the foundation stones of ‘ambient’ music – a fusion of classical music, blues and jazz – attracted world famous musicians intrigued by this totally different style of Ibiza sound. In the early days Cade del Mar was a prominent meeting point among the locals and origin of inspiration for artists and the likes. By 1990′s it had become the most popular destination in Ibiza, while being held as a venue for events hosted by BBC Radio 1, Channel 4 and MTV. Playing music at Café del Mar began to enjoy the privilege of an endless list of known national and foreign DJ.

Around the world Cafe del Mar is possibly the most renown by its annual chill-out album series. The first official Cafe del Mar compilation was released in 1994 following an overwhelming demand by the fans. It was a global success and resulted in the much respected chillout music series as of today. Since inception Café del Mar has become an iconic brand known for it’s music, lifestyle and overall sensory experience. It was a pioneering concept that quickly became a global phenomenon and subsequently established itself as the leading chill-out music series worldwide. As fans of the brand have grown, so have its incredible destinations across the world, making Café del Mar Concept into a world renown brand with several franchises bars including this one in Sydney.

 Cafe Del Mar Concept Adaptation in Sydney turned to an amazing  success!

The owner of Cafe Del Mar in Sydney is Michael Vale. Qantas has announced that Michael’s flagship operation Cafe Del Mar Sydney has been formally listed as one of the top ten rooftop bars in the world. Michael Vale is a veteran and a major player in the Sydney hospitality industry, starting with his first business at Milson’s Point on Sydney’s Lower North Shore in 1976 and has conceptually created-built & launched no less than 29 Sydney based hospitality operations with two overseas projects, one in midtown Manhattan New York City & one in a five star luxury resort development in Fiji.

Cafe Del Mar Concept in Sydney
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