Eco Shopping for Brand Inspirations and Ideas.

Eco Shopping for Brand Inspirations and Ideas.

Eco Shopping for Brand Inspirations in Sydney, Waterloo.

I really fall in love with Eco Outdoor’s main concept, something from what designer, art director or any brand manager can learn about.

The first marketing tip from this fantastic brand – I was forces to go inside of this store when I notice the blackboard on the street saying: “Storms make Trees take Deeper roots.”

Eco Outdoor's located at Waterloo showroom are a treat for the senses.

Storms make Trees take Deeper roots.”

Second, the desire factor.

You know those home stores that you walk into and think ‘I wish this was my home’ or ‘I want that, that, that, that, that and that’. I don’t do that very often, mainly because I’ve had to cull my hording persona off in order to travel and move about a lot. But this place – Eco Outdoor – gets my into the ‘I want’ frame of mind again. I feel comfortable saying that too, I think it’s because this place is of the eco conscious class and so inspirational when its come to work on the branding ideas for my clients.

They basically strive to make an authentic connection between man’s construction and the natural raw materials found in the surrounding landscape, such as sandstone, bluestone and slate. This organic style is essential to maintaining the integrity of the natural scene.  As humans, we all live among nature and should always put some effort to minimize our footprint.

And third – the eco, recycling, and self-servicing display of the products.

The very innovative stone formats have been integrated with natural raw materials to provide unique design combinations that can be applied both internally and externally. And selling pebbles as its lollies – innovative and cool.

Eco Shopping for Brand Inspiration - range of bespoke furniture.

My Second stop on a same street was at well-designed and beautifully crafted furniture store by James Salmond, Sydney based designer.

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