Stunning Handmade Polymer Clay Flowers by Evgenia Moskovskaya.

Unique Wreaths and Crowns from Polymer Clay Flowers for Weddings, Fashion on the Field, Proms or Photoshoots.

Polimer Porcelain or Polimer Clay is a soft and clean air hardening clay that can be formed into any shape with exceptional details. It is great for artists and crafters.  It dries with natural air and does not need to be baked to cure. The pieces dry hard and not sponge like, making it ideal for modeling pieces such as flowers, figurines and sculptures. Cold porcelain clay can also be used to decorate bought items or combined with other craft projects.

Polimer Porcelain can be stamped with rubber or acrylic stamps, shaped with modeling tools, molded in silicone molds, rolled with rollers or in a pasta machine, cut using cookie cutters and of course free hand sculpted.

Its original color is white and you can add color using acrylics or oil paints. The clay can be colored before modeling or you can paint the finished pieces once they are dried, depending on the effect desired. Powder colors can also be used on pieces that are dry.

Ideal for projects from the simplest to the most creative. Finished creations are not only beautiful; they are lightweight, soft to the touch, yet exceptionally durable for a lifetime of enjoyment.

The designs you can make are only limited by your imagination.

Polymer Clay Flowers Floral Crown Irina Kalonatchi

Photoshoot, amazing crown for Kira from Moscow.

Irina Kalonatchi/Fashion Blog Editor, Tammy Bartaia/Actress, Lyesther Coller/Event Media, Natasha Nizko.

Photos of teenage girls wearing tiaras  by Ira Bachinskaya, RUSSIA
Photos of Races by Celebrity Photographer George Gittany, SYDNEY

Polymer Clay Flowers Floral Crown Irina Kalonatchi

The uniqueness of Polymer Clay Flowers!

Decorating hairstyle of brides with flowers is a way to help celebrate the important life event as well as help make any ordinary hairstyle, an event to remember. This tradition has been present in many cultures around the world for a very long time, developing different arts that today combine the varied shapes, shades, patterns, styles and colors into amazing floral arrangements.

Polymer Clay Flowers will not only add an artistic element to these important hair styling look, but will also make these memories last a lifetime!

So let’s get see how amazingly creative this technique in hands of Evgenia.

Petal by petal, each flower is handcrafted to perfection and great detail.
Many aspects of life depend on flowers, as they represent the means by which humans express their feelings and emotions to others, and often times have the ability to directly connect with another human’s heart.
My passion for replicating flowers through PolymerPorcelain comes with the utmost admiration to what I consider nature’s most important gift to the humans’ senses… Flowers!

Shop outside the big box, with those unique flowers. Here are Evgenia’s links to ADMIRE her work, BUY or make ORDERS.





Polymer Clay Flowers Floral Crown Irina Kalonatchi Tammy Bartaia


Polymer Clay Flower Technique used by Evgenia is CLAYCRAFT by DECO .

CLAYCRAFT by DECO originated in 1981, when Kazuko Miyai opened the DECO Clay Craft Academy. Since this time, Kazuko has authored over twenty DECO Clay Craft books and developed her own line of air-dry clays known as CLAYCRAFT by DECO Soft Clay. She has continued to develop and enhance her unique techniques to produce sophisticated and complex dimensions. Kazuko is well known in the clay crafting world and is still actively involved in certifying more than 3,000 instructors across the U.S., Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Russia and many more. Each year she exhibits her work and shares her latest techniques with audiences all over the world.

Step by step instructions how to make the head pieces.

Step by step instructions how to make the head piece.

Flower Crowns for Photoshoots or Fashion on the Fields.

Flower Crowns for Photoshoots or Fashion on the Fields.

Flowers, more accessories...we love them all.

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