Chapeau Egoiste Couture, Russian Millinery Husband & Wife Team from Siberia.

Chapeau Egoiste Couture, Russian Millinery Husband & Wife Team from Siberia.

We, Svetlana and Denis Gulyaev, are the faces behind the exquisite millinery brand Chapeau Egoiste couture. Being husband and wife in personal life and partners in hat making business, we depend on each other completely!
Millinery craft is a unique local phenomenon—not just for Novosibirsk, where we live, but also for the entire Siberian region. We always wanted to create unique pieces and not cater to the masses, so we needed special training. In Siberia or even in Russia, a school of this level—couture millinery or runway style—did not exist. However, in Siberia, we managed to find a hatter who was willing to train us. This person had worked for many years in mass production studio, where the whole technology was simplified—ready made store flowers were glued to hats and so on…
We always admired the work of the internationally renowned master of millinery craft—Anya Caliendo—who was based in New York. When she announced a millinery course based at her Ateliér, we jumped at the chance. In the summer of 2012, after long visas/travel arrangement process, we started training sessions with her. A great master and a terrific person, Anya is insanely demanding of her students. We received unparalleled encouragement, support, and knowledge from her.

People raise questions about the relevance of hats in modern life. It is believed in Russia that hats have become archaic and are an unnecessary piece of clothing. Absolutely not! Women’s hats are not just meant for protection from the elements. They are an incomparable means of expression and a display of one’s inner self. A unique hat can completely transform one’s entire look.  Such hats are worn for years, lovingly stored in closets, and probably bequeathed to one’s children.
We are often asked how we, as a couple, work together. Both of us love crafting fabulous hats and we bring our personalities to the task. Denis is a complex form, a “hat architect.” Svetlana is all easy, playfulness, and softness.
The second question we are often asked is about the difficulties that arise in our work. Living in Siberia, we are far away from the heart of fashion, like Moscow, London, Paris and New York. Most of the materials we order come from Europe and America and delivery times can be very long.

Creating a collection is a long and painstaking process. It starts with the birth of the main theme and the story that will tie the collection together. Next comes the designing, sketching, and selection of materials, after which the supplies are ordered. Only after that does the actual process of working on each hat begin.
We are working on our fourth collection now, which will be presented in autumn.

One of the most memorable photoshoots for this collection was with a hat named “Dead Loop.” The model, Yana Shilova was so gorgeous, stylish and glamorous! With full makeup, our hat, and fox furs, she was simply a stunner and people on the streets literally twisted their neck to check her out!

Chapeau Egoiste Couture, Russian Millinery Chapeau Egoiste Russian Millinery. Photo byYuriy Svirin - 2 Chapeau Egoiste Russian Millinery. Photo byYuriy Svirin - 3 Chapeau Egoiste Russian Millinery. Photo byYuriy Svirin - 4

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“Stairway to heaven”

hapeau Egoiste Russian Millinery

Svetlana Gulyaeva and Denis Gulyaev at our fashion show in Lexus center.

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