Tips for Fashion Bloggers How to Take Instagram Picture

Tips for a New Fashion Bloggers: How to Take Instagram Picture

Instagram is creating waves—big ones—in the world of social media and already took over the Twitter. The latest fashion shows and trends unfold through the professional, skilled, not-so skilled or novice lens of Instagrammers and are served to us instantly fresh and hot! Because the focus of Instagram is its visual appeal, it is essential for you to look your best at all times. Rocking the right look isn’t just about having a good fashion sense, it also includes having a firm handle on how you conceptualize your insta-pictures. Here are some tips to get you started and how to take Instagram picture that rocks:

Never use the actual Instagram app to take your shot with your smart phone. Your Instagram app setting for camera lacks several features of your smart phone camera: It can’t zoom, it automatically crops your frame into a square, and so on. The best instagram accounts have pictures done by professional camera and uploaded later. This way you may have a perfectly looking album but may loose instagram spontaneity. Best practice is to mix professional shots by photographer, cool selfies edited by filters or apps and smart phone shots published on a same day to insure fast delivery.

LOOK FOR THE BEST ANGLE. Your outfit may be exquisite, but if you’re posing at an awkward angle, it’s not going to help. Take a few shots of yourself at different angles and see which one shows you off at your best. The texture of your garment and bold cuts are best seen in certain types of lighting and at certain angles. A full-length mirror works well if you do a selfie. Again, angle your body to the left or right, which is generally more flattering than shooting straight on.

Catching up the best light at golden hour

LOOK FOR THE BEST ANGLE of LIGHTING. What’s the best time of day to shoot? Ideally, during the golden hour! The magic hour is actually two hours—one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset and twilight. How will you know if the lighting looks good on your face when you making selfies without help of photographer? Hold the phone in front of your face and turn the camera, so you can see yourself. Look at the lighting at that moment. Now, turn 90 degrees. Make note of the lighting. Glance at the background. Turn 90 degrees again. Note the lighting and background. Keep moving. Chances are, you will have found a spot with excellent lighting and maybe a decent background.

The background influences the way in which colors and garments look—they could jazz up your outfit or completely ruin it. Color saturation and filters can transform a picture immensely, so ensure that your clothes are displayed to their maximum advantage without looking overdone.
Do Something Interesting for an Interesting background. Take a picture of you wearing trendy outfit and in a same time engaging in a fun activity—snorkeling in the ocean, sitting on a jet ski, or hiking in Machu Picchu…

Who said that you have to wear your outfit to flaunt it? Arrange your outfit and accessories in an interesting manner, such as throwing in an exotic rug, piling them up, or adding a dash of color to the mix. There are infinite possibilities and as they say, the world is your canvas!

Your favorite perfect Little Black Dress, which in itself is a simple outfit, can be significantly spiced up with a classy clutch. Accessorizing an outfit is akin to seasoning a bland dish. They deserve our camera lens focus. Throw on a hat, don a wig, or wear sunglasses for a fun shots.

Accessories in Focus

PHOTOGRAPHY : Marina Martynenko & Sergei Kovbasyuk
Sergey PhotoKiev Kovbasyuk
ACCESSORIES : Elena Martynenko 

You can tap your phone’s screen to improve the clarity of the image. Once you about to take a photo, tap  with finger once on the part of the screen you want to concentrate on in the photo. A yellow square will appear and readjust the camera’s focus and exposure to that region.

You think Instagram has great filters?  No, they very simple and limited.  Your app stores are bursting with tricked-out photo-editing apps. We use Photoshop app for our shots.

Hashtags are great community builders and Instagram discovery tools. As community builders, hashtags link photos that share common interests, a shared phenomenon, or a pop-culture sensation. Searching hashtags can help you find images and other Instagrammers you might enjoy or follow, and using hashtags will help people find you and your fashion shots. More important your hashtags will point to the brands you wear, events you participated, locations you visit and your friend-photographer who took those professional shots.

Applying Photoshop filters.

Cropping image.


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