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Fashion Stylist Angie Yablonska, or AngieY & is an International MakeUp Artist, Hair Stylist, Stylist & Creative Director for beauty & fashion projects & photoshoots and more..

She is not only mega talented creative but simply gorgeous girl.

Being such a whole package, Angie can service her clients preparing for a major event or a photo shoot from every angle. She helps women and men look professional, presentable, beautiful, handsome, sexy, or glamorous. She makes start up brands looks like million dollar companies with her creative output. She connects to a story of the brand and adds her own fairytale. She transforms the model to a princess, witch or goddess. She is also an educator…A Model from every angle.

Professionals like her have major roles in several industries, from fashion, modeling, health and fitness, and entertainment like TV/Film/Sports. But to be well known and high demanded stylist is very hard. In this business you have to become masterful at marketing and really connect to people very quickly. That becomes an art form in and of itself. To meet the people that you need to meet, make an impact, and be memorable and to inspire them to call you. In addition, being a successful makeup artist/hairstylist, the way you look is just as important as the work that you do. You are a walking business card. You have to look the part, dress the part and act the part just like an actor does. For fashion shoots you have to wear the trendy clothes. Just being an artist is not enough to be successful. You need to be different. Creative. Professional. Wear make up all the time.

And Angie has it all, by sanding tall from other makeup artists and stylists.

Photo Credit  NAT Photography
Designer: Anya Hurwood
 — with Nancy Trieu.

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Fashion Stylist Angie Yablonska - herself.

…I was born in Russia and grew up there and in the Ukraine before making Italy my home for more than 10 years & now I live in Australia.

Growing up surrounded by this beautiful combination of cultures has expanded my appreciation of life & art and has had a great influence on my work. My professional background was initially in Economics but my creative & artistic nature always felt stifled. My passion has always been to express myself artistically as well as to help people feel good about themselves, so a change in career path was an inevitability & artistic make up helps me to fulfill these desires.

Since I was a child, I always loved to draw & grew up with a fine appreciation of the talent, beauty & artistry of things like the Russian ballet, traditional “Kosychkas” (Russian hair braiding techniques) & the amazing art work & detail of the world famous Faberge eggs.

I always created my friends’ looks, doing their hair & makeup, always trying new styles. I loved seeing the joy on their faces when their inner beauty was expressed & this is what ignites my passion for my art & style.

Make Up for me is an expression of who I am, as I love beauty in all her facets and I love to combine elegance, style and creativity in my work to show that all women are beautiful and special, because beauty is more than just skin deep, it is about capturing your essence and sharing it with the world.

I love beauty in all her expressions and I love to combine elegance, style and creativity in my work to show that all women are beautiful and special, because beauty is more than just skin deep, it is about capturing your essence and showing it to the world.

Thank you for taking the time to find out a little bit about my art & work.
With Love,

Angie Y   website:
instagram: @angiey_artstyle

All Photography by Natalia Grigorjeva Ladyphoto.

Photography by Natalia Grigorjeva Ladyphoto.

Published in Mysitca Mystica Magazine Issue 4 .
HMUA & Style: Angie Y – MakeUp ArtStyle
Photographer: Natalia Grigorjeva Ladyphoto

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