Fashion Advice – HOW TO DRESS YOURSELF FOR THE PROM or any formal event.


Are you fed up of searching the best dress to be worn at your prom night?  Obviously, a sexy prom dress is going to be the most important part of your look for the night. The advice is to be a little creative and utilize your precious thoughts on your complete LOOK that you are going to wear the prom night.

Prom is basically a semi-formal gathering and dance party for high school students. The event is mostly held at the end of session year and is a day of lots of fun and craziness where students can enjoy the time which they didn’t get in regular school classes. It is one of the popular cultures in the west and is one of the major events among the high school students. Students wait for the whole session to participate in this most popular event of the year.

Proms are mostly organized by the schools where teachers and students can work as volunteers to make this event more happening and unforgettable. Students start practicing a month ago; boys usually have the easiest proms, as they don’t have to think more about their dresses. All of them have the same old style of dressing that’s black suit and red tie, but prom is a big hassle for girls. They have to be very picky regarding their dresses and want to look extremely different and gorgeous. They want to wear one of the breathtaking dresses that will blow everyone’s mind. We have gathered a few ideas for special mermaid prom dresses that will guide you to dress up yourself perfectly without any flaws.


Always do your preparations in advance. If you get late then you will certainly lose the chance to look gorgeous for the evening. The prom date may not be finalized yet, but you must start looking for stores and fashion magazines as soon as two to three months before. Plan the dress you want to wear and try to purchase it at least five to six weeks before. As evening gowns require a perfect fit and you need some time to get the perfect alterations.


The key is to choose some vibrant and catchy colors for your prom dress. As in these colors you will look gorgeous and glamorous for the evening. Go for the shades that suit you best and enhance your complexion. Go for the colors that are not common among girls, so you can stand out and everyone can spot you in the crowd. You must look different for the evening.


Before buying the complete attire for the prom night plan a budget for the dress and its accessories. Always be sure to keep some extra bucks for formal shoes and other accessories as these things also count and will make you look complete and outstanding. A nice or lavish budget will encourage you to buy something nice and attractive for the evening.


Search the internet for some amazing formal evening gowns and grab the idea of incorporating it in your prom dress. Look for red carpet events where celebrities are heavenly dressed in some gorgeous designer wears. Write down these ideas on a piece of so that it can be used later on. Never give up your search as the internet is a pool of ideas and you just have to grab the best out of it.


Whenever you are going for prom shopping, always keep an idea of trying at all the dresses you like. Keeping in mind your shape of your body, go for the dresses that suit your body type well. If you are slim, try to look for sheath-styled dresses that will highlight your silhouette. Bit if you are a bit curvy then go for A-line flowy dresses that will minimize your thigh and hips along with focusing your waist.

Here are some of the most gorgeous styles to choose from:

  • A two-piece. If you love showing off your midriff, choose a two piece prom dress or a crop top dress. You’ll look sexy and trendy.
  • Necklines. Both plunging V-necks and sweetheart necklines are classic prom choices that can look stunning. A deep V-neck is sure to have you looking and feeling ultra-sexy.
  • Showing off legs. If you have great legs, you can show them off at prom with thigh high slits. You’re sure to steal the spotlight.
  • Open-back dresses. This is an elegant way to add a touch of sexiness to a homecoming look. It’s also one of the hottest trends right now.
  • Mermaid dresses. These curve hugging gowns are great for prom and adorned with a little bit of beading, you’re sure to look glam.


When you have finalized your ultimate choices, try it out in different colors and cuts. Go for the ones that suit you very best. Consider the fabric; let it be soft, shiny and flowy, as these will make you stand out in the prom party. Never go for any stiff material, as it will tend to make you look fat and bulky


Prom dressing is incomplete without a pair of tantalizing and gorgeous shoes. You have to get one that will go with the dress. Try matching a pair close to your dress or you just mix or match it. Nowadays gold and silver toned shoes are really in with formal evening gowns. To for stilettos with pointed or peep toes. It is up to you, how you want to carry the style, as heels look gorgeous with prom dresses and give you a noticeable height


Once a choice of the perfect dress and pair of shoes is done, the next step is to search for the perfect hairstyle for the evening. There are many  stunning and cute prom hairstyle ideas available all over the internet. If you have long hair go for some classy waves or braids, add some flowers – they will give a gorgeous outlook to your complete prom romantic look. With short hair, go for some cute hair accessories like hair pins, band or clips. You just need to look beautiful and classy.



Jewelry is a must and most necessary attribute for complete prom outfit. Always go for bling and shiny jewelry, loaded with crystals and colored stones. Never overload yourself with excess jewelry, go for just the earrings and handcuff, complimented with a beautiful cocktail ring. The less you do the more beautiful and elegant you will look.


Choosing the right prom makeup is quite tricky. The tip is to apply minimal makeup that will suit your complexion and according to the dress you’re wearing for the evening. Enhance your eyes by applying some smoky colors and keeping your lips pink or nude. Never go for fiery red colors, as it doesn’t look decent and you may look off your age.
So dress beautifully this prom and standout among all the girls in the party. You will certainly look gorgeous if you follow these informative steps. You just need to d a little hardwork to get the perfect look for the evening. Think wisely, you will certainly get the right taste of the fruit.

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