How to Wear Kaftan. Photos from the runway by Fashion Photographer Romualdo Nubla.

Tips How to Wear Kaftan, with photos from the runway by Photographer Romualdo Nubla from Studio MOR+

Beach Kaftans

One of the most popular ways of wearing one these days is as a coverup on the beach. A kaftan made from a light, breezy fabric is the perfect thing to accessorize with your bikini or swimsuit and as a long one covers most of your body it can really help to protect your skin from burning due to the strong rays of the sun. Because this is not a fitted garment, it will also help you to stay cool on those long hot days on the sand and is also great if you a bit self-conscious about your body in swimwear and want to coverup but still stay cool and looking gorgeous. For the beach, it is best to try and get a kaftan in a natural fabric such as cotton or silk, as natural fabrics breathe and help to keep your body cooler. Team up your beach caftan with a stylish pair of sandals and maybe even a belt and even statement necklace, and you have the perfect outfit for lunch at that little beach side restaurant for very little extra effort. Beach Kaftans should always been seen in the vicinity of fancy cocktails, poolside optimal but completely optional.

Kaftan Dresses and Evening Wear

Some may think these brightly printed, lightweight garments resort wear only. But that’s only one way to wear them.  They’re also stunning – and my personal favorite – for evening wear, and the styling opportunities for them are endless These great dresses suit women of almost any size or shape depending on the style you choose and also can helpfully disguise any bits of flab that you do not want accentuated. Moreover, long sleeved kaftans with a low V-neck are incredibly flattering for women with a bigger bust. For some boho chic, cinch your kaftan in with a wide leather belt to make your waist look tiny, find the perfect floppy brimmed hat, and pop on a pair of flat, leather sandals. Add a pair of large, designer sunglasses and a soft, fabric shoulder bag and instantly you have your perfect boho chic outfit that you can wear on weekends, to casual summer parties or to the beach.For more formal occasions look for one in a more luxurious fabric such as silk and choose a more fitted design. Or add some seductive allure by choosing one made from layers of luxurious, sheer fabric. Dress your evening kaftan up even more with some chic statement jewelry and jewelled sandals with heels. Again a great gold or silver belt will add to the luxury feel of your outfit and highlight your narrow waist. If you want to enjoy wearing the brightly coloured, patterned kaftans of West Africa, you can find them complete with the matching scarves and headwraps that will complete your outfit.

Casual Kaftan and Warm Tunics

Kaftan tops are great for casual wear and come in many different colours and designs. In the winter, choose one in a thicker, warmer fabric and wear it over jeans and leather boots. In the summer choose a lighter fabric, such as silk or cotton, and wear your kaftan top over shorts. Choose some great long wooden beads to achieve that perfect casual tribal look.

Sleepwear Kaftans

A sexy kaftan is the perfect nightgown. Pick one out in a lovely light fabric such as soft, luxurious organic cotton or a filmy silk if you want to look elegant and stay cool on those long, hot sultry summer nights. They make perfect loungewear and sleepwear because they are so loose and comfortable, and are so easy to just slip on over your head.

At the summer, launch party or on vacation, the long flowing kaftan is ‘in,’ but it can easily look frumpy and unflattering. Strictly speaking, the caftan is just a simple tent. I appreciate why they can be so misunderstood. Here’s the basic pre-conceived backlash: they’re sloppy, big women item, grandma style and so on. Ditch the disheveled look, and create your own CHIC KAFTAN LOOK with this simple TIPS. Whether it’s for a day on the beach or a night on the town, this kaftan tips will keep you looking chic all summer long.


1. Whether you’re opting for a long or a short style kaftan, the key to creating shape and not coming across as if you’re wearing a tent is to use the slip dress or a camisole to create your shape under a sheer fabric.

2. It’s also important to balance out your proportions. Kaftans are by their beautiful nature voluminous. Streamline that volume with slimline pants, very short shorts or that bodycon slip dress.

3. Kaftans should always been seen in the vicinity of fancy cocktails, poolside optimal but completely optional. My favorite spots in Sydney to wear kaftans are Cafe del Mare and Iceberg Bondi Beach.

4. Wedges and jewelled  incrusted sandals are a match made in kaftan styling heaven. Want to really amp up the glam factor in a kaftan worn as a dress? Extend those legs with nude heels.

5. Where To Find a Great Caftan?

So these are great garments to have in your wardrobe if you are into personal style. One of the most exciting ways to get a great kaftan is to find one when you are traveling; haggling for your chosen garment in a bazaar in Bali or Turkey is likely to be an experience that you will always remember! If you are not planning any exotic trips, then you will be able to find a great selection of them in the shops. However, one of the very best and easiest places to find a wonderful kaftan is online. There is an amazing range for you to choose from, so go online today to choose the perfect one for you.

We personally LOVE, ADORE and ADMIRE kaftans from the range by Australian brands.  Some may think these brightly printed, lightweight garments resort wear only. But that’s only one way to wear them.  They’re also stunning – and my personal favorite – for evening wear.

Photos by Fashion Photographer Romualdo Nubla

A night of wonder at the Dockside Convention Centre, Cockle Bay Wharf, featuring renowned designers including Alex Perry, Bianca Spender, Camilla, Carla Zampatti, Marnie Skillings and many more lighting up the runway, as they pave the way to finding a cure. With performances by Mark Lizotte (Diesel) and hosted by Richard Wilkins and Natalie Gruzlewski

Romualdo Nubla is a fashion photographer based in Sydney Australia. His work has been described as Classic, Romantic and Clean. These are three qualities that make up a perfect image. He picked up his first camera at age 27. It was a Olympus OM-4. Romualdo began photographing the beauty that surrounded him. He began to take interest in the beautiful Italian photos that he saw in fashion magazines such as Vogue, Marie Clare, Lucky, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and Look magazines He honed his technical skills in photography.
What resonated with Romualdo the most in the experience, was how he learned to direct and communicate with his subjects. Combine these qualities sharp lighting and you have the recipe for photography that anyone can appreciate and identify with, oftentimes finding a part of them in each of his photographs.With intensity, passion he commands control of his set and earns the respect and trust that his models and team have come to love and enjoy with every shoot.

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