How to get in shape for bikini season fast and recharge hair and beauty batteries under the sun.

The magical way to ignite your passion for life, loose weight fast  to get in shape for bikini season fast and recharge hair and beauty batteries under the sun for the summer’s natural look.

Maybe fad diet and kale juice from the supermarket bottles are well underway from trends, but it’s the S/S16 catwalks that are providing motivation as we strip back to minimalistic hair and make-up. Hair and beauty experts, industry gurus, designers and editors agree that a trend for Spring/Summer 2016 is raw, clean, understated and fuss-free styling and natural looks. Forfeit the fake tan, throw out the tweezers and cancel that blow dry; hair and beauty is going back to basics, and quite frankly we’re breathing a sigh of relief. We all need to recharge our hair and beauty batteries every now and again. Whether you’re looking to get in shape for bikini season fast, add more luster for your hair in a natural way, or are simply worry about your skin condition, I discovered the phenomenal old school detox retreat for you, and I promise its worth of every cent and time.

Everyone concerned with appearance and health knows detoxing can deliver us weight loss, glowing skin and a flat tummy in time for the summer, but not know where to go to get best and fast result should read my personal experience.

Atmanjai DETOX get in shape for bikini season fast

With Starr Farish - Atmanjai Founder & Honorary President.

Life changing experience and outlook on the beauty regime.
To tell you how my experience at Atmanjai has changed has changed my life perspective to my health and beauty regime and I would do it again tomorrow if I could.

Decided at last minute  I needed to get out from the winter chill, got the ticket to Phuket but no place to stay. I can say is that this was a perfect coincidence to meet my friends on a same plane going to a detox resort and recommended me to join them from their personal experiences in the past. Decided at last minute that I needed to get to try, this was my first time doing such an intensive detox although I have been to a few yoga retreats around the world..

Now I am back from 6-days at Atmanjai doing the No food Cleanse and I am so grateful for both the physical and emotional changes that have come as a result. I have lost 2 kg in 7 days but more importantly my skin is silky smooth, my hair and nails strong and glowing, my stomach flat as an ironing board and my hair shiny.  I also have so much clarity and perspective to my next goals in life and best of all, I feel calm, relaxed and rejuvenated – exactly what I was aiming out to achieve during my time at Atmanjai.

Firstly all of the staff are so lovely, happy and genuinely interested and concerned for you to achieve the utmost benefits of the detox. I felt I weren’t just a guest but individual care and attention was lavished on me. The detox program is well designed and researched to get the maximum results. Everything was well organised and if we needed anything or wanted questions answered either Chris and his brother Greg (Canadians fitness fanatics) managers, abound with love, power, depth and encouragement or Tang and OM (both Thai) were only to willing with laughter, smiles and love. The Thai massage therapists were all very experienced, caring, friendly and fantastic at their work.

Atmanjai DETOX get in shape for bikini season fast - 10

Chris and his tea/cards and afirmations ceremony - He is Atmanjai's smiling Face and Inspiration

I loved the tea ceremony after the yoga sessions, a time to share from the heart and cry and laugh together.

Yoga sessions with different teachers

Life changing experience and outlook on the beauty and healph regime from persona experience in 7 days:
Fasting, having yoga sessions every morning, massage therapies every afternoon, supplements, colema twice a day, ginger tea all day, coconut juice after sauna, grass juice twice a day, herbal steam room every day, infra red sauna, swimming in the pool, clean broth at night…

The Thai massage therapists were all very experienced, caring, friendly and fantastic at their work.

Spa Treatments by very experienced massage therapist. Thank you ladies.

The pool and beach view is breathtaking so relaxing here is just a dream or there is hammocks and comfy lounges around too. The whole place is beautiful, so peaceful and so accommodating. The spacious and calming Yoga Sala with different style of yoga every morning, the unlimited ginger tea, water and right amount of supplements supply, the steamer room, the the always well organised program and itinerary and finally, the appetite-whetting raw food at Super Natural restaurant and raw food cooking classes – all included.

Green curry coconut milk with rice noodle

The beautiful Friendship Beach Resort makes it so easy to relax that you don’t ever need to step foot outside this little peace of paradise. The ONLY thing that could bring you back to reality is the dirty private beach just past the pool.

The beach is not really nice but the scenery across the bay is spectacular especially at sunrise and sunset – great for keen photographers. Otherwise, it’s sheer holiday bliss as I discovered.

We was taken by bus to another beach with pristine waters. Big Buddha trip by bus was also complimentary trip. I took my chances to special magic favorite silk dress for meditation under Budda’s big head, inside of temple.

Big Budda, wearing my favorite silk hand-painted dress.

Addictive sunsets for meditation.

The colema part is naturally very daunting at first for someone who hasn’t done this before but its actually so much less scary than you think and you get so much information on how important and life SAVING this part is that you’ll realise how much you’re helping to completely cleanse your body and will also change the way you view what foods and substances you put into your body. It will change the way you think and the mind is the core of what needs to change here for anyone who is interested in improving their health, beauty and themselves.

Atmanjai gets into your soul and I have no doubt, I will be back, and bring my friends, this is something that is so important to do for yourself for anyone. Its the best health retreat I have been to so far, place to go to if you need to detox, to unwind, to beatify yourself naturally, to relax, to get fit and to laugh.

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The known benefits of Detox and Raw Food diet

Here are some well known facts about detoxing on the holiday that may motivate you to try.

1. Detox and gut repair slows the aging process.
If you have been searching for the fountain of youth or natural beauty miracles  then look no further than your liver and gut . These organs function also affects the production of the hormones in your body. We tend to age at the rate we lose muscle and our hormones levels deteriorate, so if you want to maintain healthy hormone levels for longer, then a healthy detox and gut repair program is the first place to start.

2. Detoxing helps regulate your hormones. A healthy liver and gut equals happy hormones.
Along with all the other important stuff it does, your liver metabolises your hormones.  85 per cent of the body’s happy hormone serotonin is manufactured in your gut. So when your liver is not functioning efficiently, your hormones can become imbalanced.  That can lead to a build up of excess oestrogen which can contribute to everything from PMT, weight gain.. If you’re prone to irritability, anxiety or depression then it’s imperative to pay attention to your liver and gut health.

3. You will absorb nutrients better.
You may be eating a really healthy clean diet, but if your digestive function is sub-optimal then your ability to absorb the nutrients from your food will be too. Undertaking a comprehensive gut repair and detox program will ensure you get more bang for your bucks spent on superfoods.

3 You will have your beauty sleeps more deeply.
If your liver is over burdened with toxins, you may find you tend to wake between the hours of 1am and 2am. Ensuring your gut health is ship shape will also help to maintain healthy levels of serotonin – the hormone required for the production of melatonin – the sleep hormone.

4. Detoxing can boost your metabolic rate and keep you in bikini shape.
A liver detox and gut repair program is one of the most effective ways to boost your metabolism, because the function of your thyroid gland requires optimal levels of specific nutrients, obtained from your food and metabolised by the organs within your digestive system.

9. You will have more energy.
If you suffer from periods of low energy, it’s essential to look not just at your diet but the function of your liver and gut because these organs have a direct effect on your ability to generate energy.

10. Detoxing on the holiday will make your body rest and re-vive fast.

If you have a tropical holiday, meditate for stress release, have a lot of sun and ocean air – you will feel fantastic. Adding detox program to your normal holiday will prolong your life and your natural beauty as a bonus!

Atmanjai DETOX get in shape for bikini season fast

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