Simplicity and Minimalism are the ultimate Fashion sophistication. BLACK GREY WHITE Statements.

Simplicity and Minimalism are the ultimate sophistication. BLACK GREY WHITE style from SWEDISH FASHION BLOGGER Gabriella Bjersland.

When you think of classic fashion, what comes first to your mind? Isn’t it funny how we put different styles into folders and everyone sticks to it, well not everyone but you get what I mean. So what is the typical “classic fashion” outfit? The little black dress? A pencil skirt with a white shirt and pumps? Suit pants and a blouse? It is such a tricky question, because really, what defines classic? Well the word classic means “serving as a standard of excellence” right? So it’s more about the recognition of value, or the fact that classic fashion is characterised by simple tailored lines year after year. Or we can say, in more simple words that it is “well established”. We can notice that everything that we define as classic, are very simple and yet attractive. All well-done things such as art, architecture history and design have taught us that simplicity is the key. The saying “less is more” is telling us that you do not need to be explicit because being subtle is much more interesting and gets the right kind of attention.

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This is for me one of many perfect examples of a classic style. It’s low key, neutral colours, simple but with strong character. It still has that stylish feel. The minimalistic style of white and grey keeps is classic but the cut of the pants makes the look more feminine and so is also the case with the blouse. You can always combine other colours if those suit you better, and you can also add accessories of your liking, but always have in mind that it needs to be done in good taste. Now, what does good taste mean? It  is also subtle and has different meaning to each and one of us. I’ll leave that for your own imagination to play around with. But basically, if something makes you visually tired, it’s not in very good taste. Something too flashy or that makes you and others uncomfortable, is also not very elegant at all. Keep things moderate, and you will look absolutely stunning.


No colour is more fresh or crisp than white. Wearing white on white often results in an exceptionally stylish and high-impact look. While the idea of waiting until spring/summer to wear all white seems like an eye roll of a fashion rule, there is still something to be said about the crisp head to toe white look that in my opinion is absolutely appropriate for winter as well. It’s light, it’s clean, it is figure flattering and white on white makes a strong statement without being to loud, compared to red or blue.

But having that said, the complete white look also has its fair share of naysayers. White is prone to stains, it can end up looking a bit bland and it can be tricky finding new ways to mix things up for an interesting look. Well, I wont be able to help you out with spilled wine or salsa (I cant’ even help my self in those moments). But what I can do for you is to show you one great example of how to wear the white-on-white statement outfit and make it pop with a few little tricks and tips. In the photos I am wearing one of my favourite tops from Zara, it has layers, it has flow, a great texture and goes with any outfit. The white pants are a bit more dressy, which makes these 2 pieces the perfect match. There are different textures, there are layers, there are different shades of white. It could be desk material but also from desk to dinner material.

While it may seem like a tricky trend to pull off, there are plenty of ways on how you can incorporate white to your casual or more dressy wardrobe.

Follow these 8 tips to a white success:

1. Have confidence. Put to rest all those silly rules about when and where you should wear white. Get loose and think about what you like. Have fun with your imagination and experiment a little. Take some inspiration from your favourite designers, celebrities and style bloggers. You can use anyone’s outfit as a style guide for how to pull of the perfect all-white outfit.

2. When experimenting with different textures you can avoid the fashion flop where your outfit is looking flat. For example: A winter outfit could consist of white jeans with chunky knits or furry oversize jackets. Summer outfits could be made of flowing pleated chiffon or silk skirts and pants, with a cotton t-shirt or silk top. When playing with texture we can add another dimension to your overall look.

3. Same as with the texture, by adding layers to your outfit it can help add depth and body to your overall look. Maybe wear a long coat on top of a simple top and jeans or Wear a cropped jacket over a long line tank or and a skirt. Being thoughtful about layers and actually using them will also show of your “I know-how” fashion skills.

4. A very easy way to put together a head to toe white outfit is to invest in matching pieces, or even a full set. This would probably be the only exception when it comes to mixing textures. Matching sets are most often the same material and texture. In this case it would be OK to not mix any texture for that one and only reason, matching sets are very much in fashion. Matching blazer and pants in white looks so extra ordinary and so fresh and professional. Create the effect of a plunging neckline by wearing something in lace or silk under your blazer.

5. Accessories is a great friend of yours when it comes to dealing with all white outfits. You can easily change the feel of your whole look by switching up your accessories. If you want more glam, go for some metallic jewelry, preferable in gold and maybe a matching clutch. To dress it down for more casual wear some pattern accessories. And if yo want to achieve an entirely monotone look but don’t have white shoes or handbags handy, you can always go for a neutral toned accessory that will blend in instead.

6. If all of these tips seems like a bit to much and you don’t have the time to plan your outfit ahead, try investing in one statement piece like a white maxi dress or a pair of flaring palazzo pants. That way you don’t have to worry about all the little bits and pieces that need to match, you can just slip it on and have most of your all white outfit sorted.

7. Something that is important when putting together all white outfits is to keep it smart looking and stylish by creating a sense of structure and shape. So let’s say you are wearing voluminous, wide or flaring pieces on the lower half of your body, try to keep the top half fitted or tucked in. Wear a structured blazer on top of a shapeless dress. When wearing tight pants, I find it important to balance your outfit by wearing slightly over sized or at least loose tops or jackets. Try to create a noticeable shape or silhouette and it will help your all white outfit reach the heights of fashionable chic.

8. Last but not least, if the all white is a little TOO white for you. Add some black details like a hat, shoes and a handbag. And to give your outfit that extra stand out detail – Pop on some deep red lippys to Love and Baam.

I’m looking forward to see more of you beautiful people all dressed in white, shining up the cold and sometimes dark winter period. Shine with your personality and your top to toe white look. Heads will turn.


Since I have already done a long and detailed posted about how to embrace an All-White outfit I thought that I could do the same with the All-Black/Black on black.

And as much as I am trying to add extra color to my wardrobe I always fall back to the old good blacks. Colors can give your winter wardrobe a lift but there is still something mysterious about all those blacks, isn’t it? There are many good reasons for black being your brightest color and specially in winter. First of all, black really makes everyone look amazing. Coco Chanel, one of my all time favourite style icons, perhaps holds the best line to describe the beauty of black, she said:

“Woman think of all colours except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. It is beauty in absolute. It is the perfect harmony.”

This is so true and what an inspirational statement from the amazing Designer Coco Chanel who in the 1920’s invented the staple of all women’s closets, the “Little Black Dress”.

In my opinion black is elegant, timeless, classy and chic. It is slimming and it looks good on all skin tones. It also looks good with all hair colors. It looks as good on men as it does on women. Black is an easy color to to match and gives you no fuzz in the early mornings. Black, however, can also be one-dimensional and boring and while it may seem easy to dress in all black, there are e few rules to keep in mind to obtain the fashionable yet elegant and classy appeal, which is Ooh so important.

Keep those 5 little rules in mind when dressing all black and I can assure you will reach maximum fashionista appeal:

1. Vary the fabrics and textures. Nothing looks more out of shape and dowdier than an all-black outfit that is all in cotton.

2. Note that the fabric should be season appropriate. A black wool dress will look fabulous and super chic in the fall, but out of place during the summer. Silk and linen makes it easier to pull off the all black look during the warmer months.

3. When putting together your black-on black look, fit becomes even more important. Take advantage of the fact that black is slimming. Therefore, having the clothes more fitted and flattering gives a more interesting look rather than shapeless and drab.

4. You can make the outfit more interesting with some accessories. Bold colourful jewellery or even just golden becomes a statement piece of your outfit if you are going for a more chic look. Me, personally would go for some colored stiletto heels (if you have any) to keep it more classy, but again what ever suits you best.

5. If you are not so much of an accessory person (Like me) but you still want to make your outfit a bit more dressy or even casual you can always add some lipstick color. A Black-On-Black outfit can go from day (with a light pink or nude lip stain) to night (with a bold, deep red lip stain) seamlessly.

I hope these tips on how to make put your Black-On-Black outfit together and how to make Black your brightest color has been helpful.

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