Wear and Eat Rainbow Colours for beauty, energy and health.


Today I want to present you the RAINBOW COLOURS LIFESTYLE CONCEPT  inspired by the girl who lives colourfull rainbow life : it is full of summer energy, creativity, happiness and positiveness. A fresh bouquet of bright flowers has a way of cheering us up when we’re feeling blue. Tasting colourfull desert can instantly lift our mood . Dressing up in colourful clothing can bring us into a more positive state of mind.

Color is light energy. When white light is passed through a prism it is separated into eight distinct light rays, called the ‘Colors of the Spectrum’. They are the same colors that can be seen when the suns’ light is pasted through rain drops. The resulting phenomenon is what most of us have experienced as a RAINBOW. The only energy that keeps us alive, is light (color) energy. Every other form of energy rays are damaging to the human organism. The physiology of colour is the process that takes place during visual perception, includes the sensation our brains make out of our perceptions. The conscious application of colour in your lifestyle can create the changes you want in all areas of your life.

Sunlight and the full spectrum of rainbow colors brought to us by our sun are very healing. If it is raining or you feel sad, try wearing some bright colors regardless of the fashion trend to lift your spirits. Each day we should wear the color that feels best to us.

WEAR RAINBOW to LIFT YOUR MOOD. THE  BEAUTY OF THE COLOUR. Creative shots/ cakes / lifestyle by Ekaterina Federyaeva.

Wear and Eat Rainbow Colours Fashion blog

When someone walks into a room wearing bright vibrant colours, everyone seems to take notice. We are naturally drawn to beautiful bright colours.

What shall I wear today? Dressing yourself for the day is quite influential whether you are aware of it or not. Our moods often dictate what our bodies end up wearing. If you defer to wearing dark colours because it’s easy, or it’s all that’s in your closet, we would like to share some food for thought with you and your nervous system. When you look in the mirror after you dress, train yourself to notice how you feel when you see yourself. Notice your mood. If you are feeling flat, or not yourself, could it be the colour of what you are wearing or is the fabric irritating your nervous system, and you never noticed that before?

Rainbow colours desert on fashion blog

It’s a strong statement that dark colours are flattering. Sometime they can make you look and feel older than you really are. For the yonger people its coud be a right staemnt to be taken seriosly but not always works if you after 30s. There is a reason baby clothes never come in dark colours. There is a reason the spring colours are always bright and happy. It’s a time of blossoming. There is a reason why spring race carnival code is only light bright and pastel colours. A new baby comes into the world and we want to encourage its growth and happiness in all ways soft light pretty patterns. A freshly planted flower is given every opportunity for growth because of the joy it’s colour gives us when it blooms. Bright cheerfull colours and happiness go hand in hand. Blossoming is in Vogue all the time.

Wear and Eat Rainbow Colours Fashion blog

To the mind, dark colours seem easier and appear to hold power and elegance, but to the heart and feeling level, it’s only our ego rely on us wearing dark shades colours. To the mind neutrals “make sense and go with everything”, but on the feeling level they don’t help your heart to open and blend your with the walls. Wearing all white and beige are where the white shade hides your inner child and says to the world “see how pure I am,.”

Bright happy rainbow colours open your heart and calming your nervous system. We require a variety of colours in our wardrobe just like we require colour variety in our daily foods to have healthy and happy life.

Your skin colour changes as more light and brightness comes out from within.  Experiment with colour by having one shirt or t-shirt from every spectrum of colour or every shade of the rainbow in your closet. It’s an inexpensive way to see that you can wear almost every colour, just fine tune the shade of it. Then use one shade of light gray or a warm beige as a base colour. Experiment with new bright colours in a top or shirt to start. Feel the difference it makes in your level of happiness. Enjoy Rainbow colours!

Rainbow colours on fashion blog


Why are there so many songs about rainbows? Because they’re amazing and beautiful—not just in the sky, but also on the dining table! “Eating a rainbow” helps your body get a complete range of nutrients.

Sometimes you will be refreshed by a nice summer rain. After the rain, there will always be a rainbow. Look for the “rainbow” in life and good things will always follow. The beautiful colors fill our souls with delight and joy!  The colors appear from the sun’s brilliant rays being refracted through the clouds in the same way a prism or crystal separates the colors of light for all to see.  What some may not realize is that light is living energy, without which, we could not live.

Sunlight not only provides strengthening energy, colors are visible forms of sunlight carrying vital energy for health. Each color has a measurable vibratory rate, proven to be very healing to the body.  Color therapy is called chromo therapy, and is being used more and more throughout the world to bring healing to various bodily organs.

Wear and Eat Rainbow Colours Fashion blog

It is very likely we need more of that colors.

Too many people today are living and working indoors, rushing and hurrying and don’t take the time to go into nature, or eat properly.  There is very little life from the sun in fast foods and heavily processed foods. Eventually people who eat these lifeless foods pay a high price because their bodies collapse and become sick from a lack of the sun’s vibrant rays of color and nutrients. We need to be in fresh air and sunshine daily and eat the foods that carry the life promoting rays and colors of the sun.

Eat plenty of rainbow salads or rainbow deserts!  A rainbow salad should consist of dark green leafy vegetables, bright red tomatoes, vivid orange carrots, grated deep red beets, emerald green celery, cooling green cucumbers, shredded green zucchini, and rich green pumpkin seeds, with olive oil and raw apple cider vinegar or fresh pressed lemon juice as a salad dressing.

If you will eat rainbow salads daily, you will begin to feel your energy and life force returning. If you eat rainbow deserts you will get positive child like energy all the time.

RAINBOW DESERTS created by Ekaterina Federyaeva.

Wear and Eat Rainbow Colours Fashionblog cake

Wear and Eat Rainbow Colours Fashionblog

Wear and Eat Rainbow Colours Fashionblog


Total colour control - the dress, the cake and spring Jacaranda trees!

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