Top 5 Trans-Seasonal Fashion Essentials you must-have.

Top 5 Trans-Seasonal Fashion Essentials you must-have.

Like all good things that come to an end, the summer has end too, here in Europe, leaving the place for the rainy, yet colorful, gorgeous autumn, while in other places – like Australia – spring is the one who claims the throne.
And of course, there are some autumn / spring fashion essential things you may need to “survive”.
Trans-Seasonal closets should be flavorful and bold, or classical stylish but they should also have go-to pieces that can be reworked many times.

Here is top Trans-Seasonal Fashion Essentials

1. Blouses and over-sized sweaters.

In those rainy, cold days all we need is someone’s hug… or a knitted, cozy sweater. Colorful or not, printed or not, fuzzy or not, all you have to do is have one of these. Why? Because sweaters are the best way to keep you warm. However, if it’s not too cold, you can always go for a long-sleeved blouse (preferably with some beautiful, intricate details).

Seasonal Fashion Essentials

P.S. When talking about sweaters, the bigger the collar, the better!

2. Cozy coats

Fur? Why not let those poor animals live? Try faux fur or (better) a coat without fur at all! (Gabriella, who is modeling here is an animal lover too)

There’s no limit when it comes to color, shape and pattern. If you want all eyes on you, go for bold colors, prints or even whites. If you’d like to be less noticed, try darker colors. Either way, I recommend a gray, egg shell white or beige coat, with a classic cut since they can be easily reworked for both casual and office looks.

Autumn Fashion Essentials oversized sweater - 01

3. Leggings and Jeggings

These also come in all shapes and… well, actually, not in all shapes, but in all colors. If you’re bored of those plain black classic leggings, you can always go for a crazy prints like tribal. However, be careful how you wear them because an horizontal pattern would make your tights look wider, while a vertical print would make your legs look longer. Try matching leggings with over-sized sweaters, long scarf or cape coat for a layered effect!

P.S. Layering is the key during these seasons, since sometimes the weather is incredibly changeable and you may need to take off  a few layers if it turns out hotter than you’ve thought.

Autumn Fashion Essentials oversized sweater - 13

4. Over-the-knee boots or short booties.

These are the perfect choice if you’re going to spend the day/night out, in the cold weather. There’s a wide variety of  booties on the market (wedged, heeled, biker boots etc.), so chose the one that suits best your lifestyle (and the weather in your region, of course). The most easiest and chic way to wear them is with leggings and a knitted sweater, but they will work well with skirts and dresses too.
Booties are another option for a more casual look.

Autumn Fashion Essentials oversized sweater - 16

Autumn Fashion Essentials oversized sweater - 02

5. Spacious bags

These will definitely not keep you warm. Still, spacious bags and rucksacks are a great accessory for your outfit and the best way to carry all your stuff (because we know, a woman’s bag is like a black hole –endless).

Autumn Fashion Essentials oversized sweater - 17

Autumn Fashion Essentials oversized sweater


The name of the blogger giving tips on the Trans-Seasonal Fashion Essentials is Alexandra Giurgițeanu from Brasov, Romania and she attended a fashion design course at Scoala Populara de Arte “Tiberiu Brediceanu”. She likes to draw, paint, create, but she is usually focus on fashion design. She created her blog to share some of the things that she makes.

The name of the model wearing Seasonal Fashion Essentials is Gabriella, also called Belle. She is a Swedish, enthusiastic, driven and outgoing 25 year old Professional Fashion blogger and Model. Here you can check her blog full of stylish photography :

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