5 items that add a rock chic edge to your outfit

5 items that add a rock chic edge to your outfit, inspired by Fashion Designer Anya Hurwood.

Every fashionista (and not only) has surely heard at least once the statement “classic with a twist”. This twist may be romantic, hippie or… well, actually it can be an element from any other style.

One of my favorite “twists” when talking about one’s style is the rock chic element. This adds a dark, sober, still sophisticated touch to an outfit.

In order to achieve this, there are 5 essential items you must have in your wardrobe.


It doesn’t matter if it’s a skirt, a jacket or a pair of pants as long as it’s leather. These can be worn even in the cold winter, if you match them with some warm leggings or a cozy sweater. Still, try choosing items made out of ecological leather and let some poor animal live their lives.

Fashion Stylist Angie Yablonska on fashionblogThe Blond Model  Angie Yablonska Mua – read here a blog post about Angie, super creative individual and ambassador for Anya’s “rocking” creations.


Biker booties are not only incredibly comfy, but also extremely versatile. They can be matched with pants, skirts or even dresses. The only limit is your imagination. Knee-high boots will add the sexy rock stage glamour to your look.


I should have mentioned these first since they’re the most important of all. They can be rings, earrings, piercings, some studs or some beautifully applied details on the garment, like these created by Australian Fashion Designer Anya Hurwood.

add a rock chic edge by fashionblog - 26

Photography: NAT Photography
Metallic Necklaces by Designer Anya Hurwood
— with Nancy Trieu and Anya Hurwood.
MUA & Blond Model  Angie Yablonska Mua – read here a blog post about Angie.

4. MAKE UP- Smokey eye or dark lipstick – wear one in a time.

Be careful! You should never ever wear them at the same time as you may look a little bit like Morticia Adams (or worse!) and I’m pretty sure you don’t want this, unless you’re going to a Halloween party. Check tones of an amazing make up ideas from Anya Hurwood‘s ambassador Angie Yablonska Mua, she has wild, real rock-chick imagination.

5. Ankle-length cardigans or capes

These are so fabulous that you may feel like a superhero or a rock star on the stage wearing them. And what’s even better is that they’ll keep you warm while being extremely comfortable.

add a rock chic edge by fashionblog

Photographer: Ladyphoto
HMUA: Margarita Starodubtseva
Model: Valentina Gagic

add a rock chic edge by fashionblog

Photographer: Natalja Grigorjeva Ladyphoto.
HMUA & Style Angie Y Angie Yablonska Mua
Model: Alesia Davydava
Designer: Anya Hurwood

add a rock chic edge by fashionblog  add a rock chic edge by fashionblog - 09

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