Be inspired by the stunning look of the modern maxi dress from India’s fashion.

Stunning maxi dress: An evergreen ensemble or the emergency of the new formal look from India.

“Trendy is the last stage before tacky”- Karl Lagerfeld.

Yes, it is very true.  There is a huge difference between the trendy and tacky. Trendy can be defined as voguishly elegant, whereas, tacky is something luminous and ostentatious. With the beginning of 2016, many new trendy and modish outfits are introduced in India, from palazzos to printed jeans and trousers, to the cute crop tops and tunic with three-fourths or jeggings, etc.

As the youth is progressing towards new modish India, an exquisite range of new stunning outfits also evolves. Our Indian fashion designers have customarily come up with new and authentic outfit designs. Manish Malhotra, Sabhyasachi, Tarun Tahiliani, Ritu Kumar, Wendell Rodricks, Anamika Khanna, etc. are the prominent names in the fashion industry and they have designed many gorgeous outfits of numerous Bollywood and Hollywood actors and actresses.

INSPIRE US : Tammy Bartaia, Bollywood actress, wearing traditional Indian dress for publicity shots.

 maxi dress from India's fashion Tammy Bartaia


The assortment of apparels comprises of fancy couture and Indian formal couture dresses which have been designed with the latest trendy patterns and nourished with the luxury accessories. The maxi is one of the lovely attires among the anthology of the beautiful and striking dresses.

INSPIRE US : The amazing historical references and ideas from traditional Indian costume.


Our Indian ethnic wear has always enjoyed the sublime attention from many fashion experts and lovers across the world. From simplicity to grand celebrations, the grace of Indian ethnic wears is inexpressive. It is eternal. Embellished with rich thread embroideries, intrinsic traditional embroideries, gold work, customary handmade ornament detailing on the fabrics, etc. makes the look of the outfit everlasting and breathtaking. Plus, our Indian women accentuate their beauty by wearing such gorgeous traditional wears. It certainly boosts their charm and compliments their personality.

Beautiful exotic young woman of india


From the casual occasions to the Sunday brunches, or from daytime shopping to various evening events and concerts, they define a touch of class. From Bollywood to Hollywood, most of the actresses have worn this pretty attire.  Hollywood actresses like Kate Winslet,  Charlize Theron, Angelina Jolie, etc. can be seen wearing different types of maxi apparels in many prestigious award functions like Oscar and other ceremonies.  If we direct towards our Bollywood mine, then Aishwarya Rai Bacchan, Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone,Katrina Kaif, Aliya Bhatt, Priyanka Chopra are the names that are included in the list of the celebrities wearing this spectacular maxi dress. Actually, this admirable outfit is tremendously eminent among the stylish and classy fashion personalities. Diverse designs in the form of styles and length may vary from V-neck shapes, sweetheart style, halter neck, sleeveless, strapless or contain extravagant collars, V-neck leopard bohemian, backless maxi dress, elegant drape chiffon, bohemian chiffon petty, etc.


This is actually what everyone knows. Besides these, you can also create your own style of wear and be flaunty and matchless. If you are going to attend an evening event or party, then you can embellish yourself with stylish jackets or fur coats. The floor length maxis with the matching heels prove perfect for taller women. Simple yet elegant and effective, the long length style means that there is no need to over accessorize, as this charming dress makes the outfit without having to add more to it.

Traditionally patterned with the vivid flowery prints, the maxi dress has evolved into a luxurious and glamorous garment, with a vast range of the multifarious patterns, colors and shapes that flatter and suit the personalities. With the multitudinal designs and striking colors, these dresses can be worn in any occasion as they have also incorporated with the feature of the comfort. These apparels, indeed, need the minimal accessories to get the sophisticated and glamorous appearance. These costumes are not confined to wear in summer season only, but you can wear in any season and occasion, according to the event. The maxi garment bestows a balanced look for the wearer with the flowing skirt and can easily seize the attention in the crowd.

Wrapping it up

Earlier, the maxi dresses were considered as the perfect beach wear, but as the wave of the trends in the fashion zone modifies, so as the apparels’ attributes too. The pioneering designs and patterns of the maxi will allow the Indian women to wear it for all categories of formal, informal and special occasions. From floral patterns to geometric shapes, these appealing maxi costumes are cultivated from the finest artistic impressions.

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