Uninspired by a line up of blogs with the same staff about trends, gossips about a same people and product reviews about a same big brands, I invested time, energy and money into creating my very own blog, Fashionblog.fr.
So many people plan to start up their own blog. What pushed me to actually do it is I just do what I want.
I think you should always do what you want, when you want, and as soon as you can. Fashionblog.fr was the perfect idea to introduce people to a back stage of the fashion industry, and express my own self in creative ways.

What Fashionblog.fr mission statement is?

The fashion industry looks quite boring to me nowadays; with the same people are doing the same things over and over. It’s easy to create a beautiful picture when you have a great team, but for me it should be more about what story you’re telling with the picture. My dream of a new industry that doesn’t have the same actress or model across 30 different blogs or fashion sites, one that will instead make us dream again.
Bring forward new people and stories that will hopefully help that dream come true.


Fashionblog.fr introduces the inside of the industry; all those people behind the scenes, it’s a fashion blog aspire readers and our guest bloggers to be a part of the fashion industry.
Fashionblog.fr features different talents who are carving their own paths, who are next in line to make their mark in fashion.
Fashionblog.fr is about the ups and downs of their creative work and experiences  and why, when, where and how they got where they are and where they are going.
Fashionblog.fr will create waves by forging ahead allowing new talent to express themselves in the contemporary fashion world. Having this site taught me to believe in my self and what I think is right. It helps you to wake up and look further.


Believe it or not, your clothing choices affect the fashion industry.

Even with all the designers, models and celebrities, the fashion industry would crumble if consumers did not buy the products. A particular style only becomes a fashion trend if the populace supports it, and trends that inspire designers often start on the streets. The greatest feedback a designer can receive is in the form of your patronage. With every clothing selection you make, the success or failure of fashion lies in your hands.

The fashion industry is a thriving industry, creating the billions of dresses, suits and other clothing and accessories consumers purchase. The fashion industry works in the following way: The process for creating ready-to-wear or haute couture clothing starts with fashion market research and trend forecasting. Designers work to create the apparel drafting. After the design has been approved by the designer, apparel production begins. Once the product is complete, fashion marketing and fashion buying come into play. The process ends with fashion merchandising retail. The product is seen in department stores and high-end boutiques.

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