• Irina Kalonatchi
    Irina Kalonatchi Founder of Fashionblog.fr

    Also Director at Bettiblue.com for Web Development / Branding/ Digital Marketing.
    It’s not often that you come across a beautifully designed website that is also technically sound. At bettiblue.com I develop all websites including fashionblog.fr to be exceptional! FashionBlog.fr is my personal showcase reflecting my professional side of web developer and my passion for fashion.


    Uninspired by a line up of blogs with the same staff about trends, gossips about a same people and product reviews about a same big brands, I invested time, energy and money into creating my very own blog, Fashionblog.fr

  • Aamid M. Shaik
    Aamid M. Shaik Web Developer

    Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Web Developer, Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.), Mechanical Engineering, FCD
    Established a Non-Profit (Hybrid) Organization. An Organization which earns through it’s commercial subsidiaries and spends the resources on a Non-Profit Organizations.


    We love Humanity!

  • Lyesther Collyer
    Lyesther Collyer Event Media Director

    Event updates of all kinds of events especially VIP Media thru social media to reciprocate collaboration and connection in similar industries.

    Mission of Event Media

    To share public events that will possibly give job or sponsorship to related industries such as photography, fashion, modelling, caterers, wine/beverages, entertainment, PR, venues, etc. Most of all to enjoy with VIP guests/friends who brings out the best of each other.