Bandage Bodycon Dress – Tips to get maximum sex appeal

The Herve Leger bandage bodycon dress?

You can wear it anywhere like parties, dinners, events, anytime you want men to look at you, basically. The brand is famous for its fashion-forward and sexy bandage bodycon dress styles. Hervé Leger created by designer Hervé L. Leroux was the first brand to produce the style called now “bodycon bandage dress”. Leroux used materials that were super stretchy to mold to the female shape, making the dresses incredibly sultry and figure flattering. Dresses look as if they’d been applied with glue or fitting as a glove!

“I like clothes that are really body-conscious.” Rather than emphasize flaws, Leger said, his $1,000-to-$5,000 dresses ameliorate them, like a girdle. “Here they say it sucks you in. It shapes your body because of the material and cut.”

Some of the biggest Leger fans, however, may very well be the viewers, not the wearers.
“Men love my clothes,” Leger said but… “It’s not that they like my clothes. They like sexy women.”


The bodycon bandage dress is basically made up of separate strips of thick stretchy fabric sewn together to create a dress. Not only do bandage dresses suck you in, but they smooth out your shape, which is why they’re so incredibly popular. The incredibly sexy and flattering dress has a lot of fans. If you don’t believe it – try one on. Every woman wants a dress that will make them look better, and the bandage dress definitely does the trick. The bandage dress is like a body-shaper built into your dress.

If you’re on the search for a dress that flaunts maximum sex appeal, without revealing anything too dramatic, then look for a bandage bodycon dress. The fantastic news is, you don’t have to have a supermodel figure to rock one of these cute mini dresses. While erring on the side of unflattering with the skin tight fit and Lycra or spandex fabric, there are a some of clever tricks to make your brand new bandage bodycon dress work for you:

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Clever Tricks to Finding the Bandage Dress for You

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Strategic Dark versus Light Panels

When it comes to bandage dresses, choose one with strategically placed dark panels combined with lighter tones. If you’re conscious about your mid-section, make sure your waistline features secret slimming dark panels. This also works vice versa. Let’s say you want an illusion of larger bust line. If so, light colored panels in the chest do the trick. As a general rule, when it comes to contrasted panels, remember that darker tones decrease and lighter tones increase. Fashion designers purposefully place dark panels on garments to enhance the look of a woman’s body. Now that you know their strategy, you have the power to diminish or emphasize any area of your body. See dresses above and below  – clever placements of the different natural colours together with embellishments giving the illusion of the very slim body.

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The beauty is in the details with a bandage dress. Women know the jaw dropping effect bandage dresses have on men, no wonder almost every girl owns one of them. To set yourself apart, look for a bandage dress with clever little details to make yourself stand out from the crowd. This subdued cream coloured dress, worn by Irina,  has alternating lines of metallic sequins to add more punch to an already show stopping dress despite low key pastel body tones.

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Unique and Bold Color Tones

Dresses made of fabric with unique color tones are instantly more interesting. Women are always on the hunt for an outfit that stands out among their friends. There is nothing like the feeling of finding an unique garment. You can’t wait to wear it to show your unique style. When you walk into the room with a cotton candy pink dress or striking blue (Yulia’s dress below), as opposed to the standard pale pink or fuchsia, all eyes will be on you. When shopping, look for unique color tones in pale shades for a more natural look and bright shades for a bolder look.


Classic Silhouettes

If you’re new to bandage dresses, try purchasing one with a classic silhouette. There is something very stylish about grounding a trendy look with classic appeal. Classic cut dresses give a look of poise and confidence, see Yulia’s dress above. When looking for classic features on a bandage dress pay attention to its neckline. It should be a modern version of the necklines seen on shift dresses worn by Jackie O. Since this dress has a classic silhouette, it won’t go out of style anytime soon.

So jump in on the bandage dress bandwagon and go color happy by picking out all the colors and designs that pique your interest. The choices are virtually unlimited if you’re on a quest to find the perfect bandage dress for you. With hundreds of designs to choose from, it’s hard to choose just one.


All Photos was done in Sydney’s Winter stunning location Pyrmont
Photographer Yulia  Solovyeva, Sydney
Stylist & Art Direcor Irina Kalonatchi
Models Irina Kalonatchi
   Eli Trāyastriṃśa Heaven   Yuliya Rahmat

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