How to get longer hair in a week! or in a years…

Check here a few real strategies to get longer hair in a week and look like celebrity!

We all have bad hair day. Easy to fix. what if you have bad hair growth? Maybe you have an important event like coming up, or a that disastrous hair cut you need to fix ASAP. Whatever the reason, you have a few real strategies to get long hair in a week, but none of them are miraculous, nor involve actually growing your hair. The average head of hair grows at slow rate of 1/2 inch per month, so growing your hair long in weeks is not possible. The process will more likely take months, many months.

So what are you to do?


Straighten Your Hair, straightening the hair is one option. This tactic will work if you have curls or at least some volume to your hair, and will give you an inch or three depending on your hair type. When you straighten it you can regain some length naturally. Using a high quality hair straightener that doesn’t dry out the hair as it straightens it is optimal.

Get Human Hair Extensions If you already have straight hair or want to maintain some volume and curls then you are really going to need to go the route of getting hair extensions for immediate length. Hair extensions, especially the permanent weave-in kind will require an appointment with a skilled hair stylist. You may even need to order the hair in advance depending on what hair you need. The best hair extensions are made from human hair, and they will indeed cost you a lot, hundreds of dollars. The more length you need, the higher the cost. You can expect hair extensions to cost $200 – $1000 depending on the hair you need and the cost of the stylist. Celebrities, like Britney Spears or Rihanna are always use this trick to get the instant wow effect and transformation.

Get Synthetic Hair Extensions Synthetic clip in hair extensions is yet another route to get you that long hair in a week. Synthetic hair extensions are a more affordable option but it may look strange if you don’t have a perfect match in both color and texture. Clip on hair extensions have recently been developed by different brands overtime so that they offer quality and more options to help match to your real hair. These are particularly helpful because they are not time intensive, just clip-on and go, and they are extremely affordable. Jessica Simpson’s hair extensions are some of the best around because of their affordability and range of product.

Hair Growing Tips Although you can’t get long hair in a week naturally, there are a few things you can do to help you get longer hair in a matter of months.


Use hair masks at home, and we have plenty of DIY across this blog.
Trim your ends to keep the spit ends at bay. Healthier hair is able to grow longer than hair riddled with split ends.
Eat a balanced diet. Food gives your body the energy to grow your hair as well as its other bodily functions. Eating a healthy diet full of vitamins and minerals will ensure that your hair that is not stunted.

A biotin supplement can be particularly helpful to strengthen your hair if you are deficient.
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Avoid using hair products with foaming agents. Harsh foaming agents in common shampoos and conditioners can dry out the hair that leads to breakage, thus keeping your hair shorter than it really should be. Buy salon products, its the best.

Here is Hollywood lovely Mischa Barton with a full head of hair extensions. As always I have been a lover of the classic hair extension for over a decade, I have used every brand, style, and technician under the sun and believe me it can be seriously hard to pick the right person and place to fit them especially when there’s so much choice on the market.

get longer hair like Mischa Barton

Before and After : Hair Extentions Effect.

To grow real long hair you need years.

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