Hot Fashion Trend: Big, Bold Flower Crowns.

Hairpiece Trend You Wish You Could Try – Flower Crowns.

It’s another Fashion Friday! Fashion on the Fields at Gosford, where Ja Mr Christopher Haggarty was a Jadge.
What is old is new again. Hippies back in the 60s used to wear flowers in their hair as a symbol of peace, love and harmony. Nowadays, flowers worn in the hair as a flower crown is late fashion statement. Flower crowns were always beau-tiful in my opinion, since the times of beloved Kahlo. Since last Summer or so, they just kind of became a fever (maybe thanks to Lana Del Rey? or Ukraine on the news?) We aren’t just talking about one or two simple flowers tucked behind the ear. It has become fashionable and trendy to wear big, bold floral headpieces. Fashion models on the runway have been sporting this look, brides are also embracing this look, and races are the best place to wear them.
Take a look at some of these big, bold, beautiful flower headpieces! Carnations, hydrangea, pepper berry, roses…pretty enough to eat it! Fluffy chrysanthemums, gerbera daisies, roses and orchids… Rich, jewel like colours make these absolute race day show darling! So here’s some inspiration too: Frida Kahlo was a front runner in this department with her simple yet effective use of flowers in her hair to achieve maximum wow factor. One more inspiration is Ukrainian wreath from the national costume.

DECORATION OF THE YEAR: Flower Headbands and Flower Crowns History.

Hawaiian ladies can easily show if she is single or married by way of adorning a flowers on their hair. If a lady wears a flower on the right side of her hair (usually close to the ear), it means she is single and available. On the other hand if she wears it on the left side, it means she is already married or already taken and not available. In Europe natural flower decorations were a popular adornment for aristocratic hairstyles. The 3rd image below is a National Ukraine Costume.

Flower Crowns Flower Headpieces Fashion Blog

Happy Haitian girl / Ladies with real pots of fresh flowers inserted to a hairstyle to keep them fresh / Ukraine National Costume

In the late 60s Hippies used to wear flowers in their hair as a symbol of peace, love and harmony. Around the same period, the flower trend supported the famous Spanish painter Frida Kahlo, known for her love of lush bouquet as a head piece.


Frida  / Hippies

Yealier 60s Look and Hippy & Boho of late 60s and 70s.

Flower Crowns fashion look Ispired by Frida Kahlo today.

Hippy or Boho Look Today

In 2013, wreaths and headbands made of artificial flowers became a hit of the season and the decoration of the year. But if in the 60’s undisputed trend-setter” fashion flower in her hair became the artist Frida Kahlo, then today – no doubt about Lana Del Rey, which appeared earlier this year in the music video for the song “Born to Die” in a wreath of lush blue and white roses. The cool pop culture icons like Lana Del Rey continue to wear them in promo photos and indie rock groups like The Lumineers continue to croon “Be in my eyes, Be in my heart” while romanticizing about the time they saw “Flowers in Your Hair.”

Beauty bible Allure magazine devoted four whole pages to the trend in their May issue, and Mr. Barney’s himself, creative ambassador Simon Doonan told me, “There’s no right or wrong way to do a flower crown. Just cobble it together, plonk it on your head, and smile a lot. If you are allergic to bee stings then go fake.”


Flower fever immediately moved to the podium of Fashion Week spring collections form the  fashion houses Lallesso, Issa, Blugirl and, of course, unrivaled queen of shock Vivienne Westwood. Vivienne Westwood used a same craze about flower head pieces next year, which is clearly shown in its spring 2014 collection.





Wivienne Westwood’2013

Wivienne Westwood'2013 & Spring 2014 Ready-to-Wear  The D&G crown speaks for itself.

The D&G crown speaks for itself.

Surreal Floral Headband from Ukraine by Elena Martynenko

Feminine Floral Headbands Flower Crowns

Please check our post dedicated to Elena’s Martynenko Accessories Collections and Photo Sessions by her sister, and her brother in law, photographers Marina Martynenko & Sergei Kovbasyuk

Sergey PhotoKiev Kovbasyuk

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